Crowdfunding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

Crowdfunding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

Crowdfunding could be your chance to launch your project and give it a life of its own, and if you are about to campaign for raising funds through crowdfunding then here are few suggestions that you can surely use for a successful fund raising campaign. We see a lot of neck to neck competition even in the sphere of crowdfunding where there are so many platforms in and millions of people to reach out to for funds,  it seems confusing and a gruesome task at first glance. Interestingly, this article will help you understand that by taking care of few things you can easily raise funds.

Here are few pointers to crowd funding for a successful fund raising campaign.

  1. Choosing a project or the idea

Your very first step to a successful fund raising campaign is to choose a project or a idea wisely, it’s not really easy to let people fund, donate or invest in projects just like that, it needs to be appealing to them. Even if your campaign is for something like asking for donations for a marriage function then you really need to be compelling enough that it hits the funders at the right place, your conviction in choosing a project for fund raising should be strong starting from you. If you have strong belief that the cause or the project deserves funding then it will get the funding and will attract right people to back the project. Your project should have clear goals and outcomes; a confusing project will repel donors and will also drop your chance.

Crowd funding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

  1. Choosing the right platform (mediator organization)

This step is really crucial as there are many platforms in play out there and it’s very confusing for an individual to choose from thousands of crowdfunding platforms. The best and easiest way to choose a platform should be according to your project, for example if your project is to get donations to fund for medical bills then we guess PactGuru is the right platform for you. Reward based platforms like Kickstater are good for creative projects, but Kickstarter works on all or nothing basis, which means if you are not able to reach 100% of your campaign funding goal then you don’t get anything from the backers who pledged you funds. Now it must have been clear to you that why it is so important to choose the right platform. This will save you from unnecessary task. Same ways like Kickstater there are platforms that are best used if you are looking for investors rather than donors to be precise and you are ready to share the equity of your company among the investors. For equity based fund raising Crowdfunder is the best available option. We would also like to discuss that each platform works on it unique basis so please do go through the platforms policy before you choose it. Few platforms work on “all or nothing” policy while others may charge you with a percentage of commission likewise the banks, others may have an annual or a registration charge initially. I guess now it is crystal clear as to why choosing a right platform is important at the first place.


  1. Presenting your case project

If your presentation for the project is not right then you aren’t getting nowhere in your fund raising campaign journey, it’s not about what your story is instead it’s all about how well you tell your story. There will so many others who may have same creative inclination in the project that only the way you will present your case project will help you stand out and convince backers to pledge for funds. Been authentic but yet convincing at the same time will help your project draw attention of the backers. There are no fixed rules to follow but you can always checkout the platform you’re using as to how others have put up their case. An attractive project proposal will certainly be helpful along with a short video of what’s your project is all about will help give the campaign the right pitch.

Crowd funding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

  1. Choose to offer incentive

Now it may sound counter intuitive as to why choose to offer incentive to backers for pledging you funds. It is not at all compulsory that you offer incentive to your backers but if you do so will certainly add on to the numbers of people supporting you. The people who believe in you might not even need incentive in the first place but it’s a great gesture that you are also pledging something back to them as a token of respect and thanks, people always welcome such gestures with a warm heart. Now the question is how you can offer incentive to your backers, just to mention few ways, if possible you can always offer the service to your backers from your project, a T-shirt or a hat saying thanks to the backers. If possible you can also ask your funders to visit your place personally and you can offer vote of thanks in front of the project staff, appreciating your donors gesture through media is also great way to offer incentive to your backers. These are just a few ways; you could always come up with new and creative ideas.

  1. Planning outreach

There is an old saying that goes by if you fail to plan then you plan to fail, this stands true still today. A successful fundraising campaign will never be complete without a good plan for an outreach. Raising money through crowdfunding is all number game; the more number of people you reach will increase your percentage of people interested in backing your project. What you have to do is sit for a while and chalk down your outreach plan. Plan to reach people through other social media platforms like Emails campaign, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and blogs etc. Looking at the data the conversion rate of people into donors out of the total people you reach out is very low so the more number people you reach is better. These people you are reaching out should be able to come to your campaign page so design your outreach plan accordingly.

Crowd funding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

  1. Use the power of conviction

There is a lot of power in conviction and when you do things with conviction then certainly the results are far better than what is expected. First of all your belief in your project will ensure that other too believe in the project. Second and the most important thing after conviction are touching the mind (logic) and heart (emotion) part of the funders. How this project could change the life of others and If you are able to touch both, then no one will stop them to fund your project. May be your dream project is creative one or maybe not. If the other party is convinced then they are convinced they will fund you in-spite of the relation of the project with creativity. For an example there are people who have seen trauma in their homes due long term illness and had borne loss of loved ones, their logical mind is convinced that illness are not good and emotionally it is too traumatizing so such people are more interested in donating for payment of medical bills like cancer and other terminal illness.

  1. Updating the campaign page and keeping in touch

Once we launched our campaign page then it becomes our duty to constantly update about recent progress in the campaign this makes us appear that we are sincere in our project and that funders are investing in sincere and honest people. Much crucial is also keep in touch with our supporters they come first as they are the ones that is supporting our project, we are accountable to them in a moral way, do keep them updated through social media and emails.

On a closing note, more or less we have compiled our best suggestions for crowdfunding tips for a successful fund raising campaign. Hope this will certainly help you out in raising finds for your cause, project, and creative ordeal or just help you raise fund for your marriage.



Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

There were times when only a class of people had the privilege to own or run a business, but now there is so much hype around entrepreneurship that percentage of people interested in starting their own business has increased. The question to start a startup is questionable in itself, because nobody knows the destiny of a startup, looking around, it seems that everybody wants to start a startup business as many of you wants to get out of the rat race, have financial freedom, retire earlier and enjoy life to the fullest. Although there are many good ideas if put into reality will definitely turn into great business but nobody can tell for sure if the business will run for sure or not. Entrepreneurship is not just about doing business or just about initiating a startup; it is about showing true strength over weakness to endure the success and failures, sacrificing pleasures, doing things without knowing the results, believing in integrity, commitment to continue no matter what the results are. That’s what entrepreneurship is and will be.

Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

How to know: There is no sure way of knowing what’s in store for future but if you really believe in your idea then you should really take a balanced risk. Now the question arises is what is a balanced risk, I would say a balanced risk is where the stakes are not too high and if by any chance the business doesn’t do well then your family and assets are not at risk. I myself pondered upon this question and my personal experience is if you are in a job then slowly built your startup business parallel with your job with time and growing business you will gain confidence that now your business can bear the weight of your living and other expenses. Only then will be its time to full-time switch to the business this way you can endure the hard times of bearing expenses of both your family and your business. I would really suggest that never put at risk the future of your family, as they came first and the startup secondary. Have you ever seen a trapeze artist performing, and then you must have seen that how the artist is takes the well calculated risk to switch from one trapeze to another one.

The risk factors: The risk factors associated with a startup is way to high that is why job has its own charm, sticking to a 9 to 5 boring job at-least gives you a monthly pay check and will provide security to your family. I may sound negative by giving job and its pay check more value against the bliss of owning and running a startup but I would say I am been objective than rather been unrealistically optimistic. Here comes the value for research and analysis. Weighting the pros and cons of starting a business, doing the risk analysis. You don’t have to be a scientist to conduct the research, check the market around your idea, product or service. See what would be the best and minimum startup cost you have to invest, do financial planning for at least minimum of 3 years in advance. Surviving the incubation period for any startup is crucial and that’s when the guts are tested and not after that. Incubation period will help you design and re-design your startup as you will evolve as an entrepreneur yourself. Savings from the job will help in this crucial time period.

Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

What about job commitments: If you already have job commitments and still you want to pursue the path of entrepreneurship than be assured that it will take most of the things from your life which you may have enjoyed earlier like family time for socializing. As a startup owner your   most of the time will be consumed by the startup itself, you will also have to invest on your health, may be exercising and taking care of yourself. Health is very important to entrepreneurs, committing to brutal hours, managing day to day stress while keeping the enthusiasm high.  Entrepreneurship individually is a lonely road where one has to make many sacrifices related to personal preferences. Even if you have made many sacrifices you will never be sure if you will get the desired results or not. Continuing a job with the responsibility of the startup will make things difficult. If you will succeed you will enjoy the fruits and if not then you know what can happen.

Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

Personal thoughts on entrepreneurial journey: When I thought of writing this article I wanted to make sure that I shouldn’t sound pessimistic or negative but reality is reality we should accept things as they are and not as we want to see them. There are more failure stories than success ones. If it was that easy than everybody would have done it and might had created success in it. On a closing note, if you really think that you are passionate enough about your idea for the startup and really want to embark on this journey to become an entrepreneur then stay true to yourself, first plan, research, decide and then fully commit.

Quick Beginners Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Quick Beginners Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Begin with the basic question “What is SEO”?

Quick beginners guide to search engine optimization (SEO), Learn search engine optimization and work as a “digital marketing” expert in the industry. The term SEO means Search Engine Optimization, SEO is nothing but  is a set of skills through which you optimize your online business website for visitors, search engines, bots etc. SEO helps your business to gain a position in the digital world which means more customers for your service and good earnings. For starters, it is a little difficult to grab the essence of the SEO but with time and practice you will learn all the skills about On page and Off page SEO. New bloggers hear this term a lot and may wonder what actually does it mean or they might struggle with questions like how to go about doing SEO for my blog site.

I am also a new blogger like you all, and that gave me the motivation to write about SEO. Though there are already SEO gurus all around the globe and they rule the Google too.  My idea about writing about SEO is to explain some crucial steps in the simplest words that even a day first blogger will gain knowledge about SEO.

SEO aren’t any mystery or rocket science though there might be things which you will learn in the times to come as a blogger, that will be your transition from an amateur to a pro. Just to start with the basic, the idea behind doing SEO is to boost the traffic in your website so that you can increase your earnings.

Starting with the most basic thing (How SEO Works)

To start with let us first forget about boosting traffic and change the paradigm. From a bird’s point of view you have a blog site and you want that the people looking for you should find you easily on the net and for that you need to do certain things that will assist those people to reach you. If you do these things you will automatically boost traffic on your website. See below some SEO tips.

  • What is been searched should be your content. This means that if someone is looking for “Jogging 5 days a week” then this should be your content in your site.
  • Next thing is to match the goal of the visitor, for example if you are selling raw bread and someone wants to order delicious cooked sandwich for home delivery then they might visit your site searching for sandwich but it will be useless for them as they need pre-cooked sandwich. This may bring visitors but not actual visitors that you need.
  • To solve the above problem, optimize your keywords so that the goal of the visitors is fulfilled after reaching your site.

Develop skill for Keyword research

Key word research is the backbone of any good SEO, finding the right keywords will rank you up in the search. You do keyword research using tools like Google Adword or The Long Tail. Below are some quick tips on keyword research.

  • Your search should be funneled to key words that have high search volumes. Large number of people should be searching the net on those keywords
  • The competition of the keyword should be low. This means that the keyword is searched but the providers are less, this is your chance, so you face less competition.
  • Finally the key word should support your content. The relevancy of the keyword should be what you have in your content.
  • Strategizing your content according to the keyword research shall be smart.

Quick Beginners Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

About The Long Tail

The Long Tail is the premium service offered to do your keyword research. I guess in the long run the Long Tail is the most reliable tool which outweighs the other tools available in the market. It does what is it says. Having said that friends my personal experience since the Long tail software has become online and runs on real time internet it is difficult to say the efficacy of the software is still there. Honestly there is lot of hangups now faced by the users, although the team responds to the queries real quick but it is not now worth the investment.

Focusing on the content Strategy?

You have won the half battle by getting the right keywords, now start crafting your content based on those keywords. Grab on few tips on content strategy.

  • Search engines are bots that crawl your website; they read it and rank your content pages. Strategically put keywords that come naturally in a flow inside your content.
  • Use keywords in the title of the article; do not use the exact keywords at random in your articles. Instead u can use other synonymous or related words. This is known as latent semantic indexing. For example for a keyword “Car” you can use “Automobile”.
  • Bots are not humans as they are programmed to read text but not audio or videos files. If your pages contain those please explain them, this would help the bots to get the idea what the audio or the video contains and rank the page accordingly.
  • Keyword planning is a strategy to bring in visitors but who will convert into your customer will depend on your actual content. Your content should not be a graveyard of keywords but rather it should be interesting. Do not sacrifice the uniqueness, quality & and freshness of the content.
  • Pay attention to the title of the article (Should be eye catching), compliment your site with linking it to quality sites; this will encourage other sites to link you as well.

Extend your understanding about  SEO

Extend knowledge about SEO with learning about sitemaps, these are same like a road-map, a sitemap gives bots directions to all the content pages on your website, which make sure that find everything. You can also go through the site map of this website which i have created using a plugin Yoast SEO.

  • You can use tools that automatically create a sitemap to for your website. If you are word press then you can install SEO plug-in that will help you in creating a site map. If your preference is XML then go for XML Sitemap Creator.

Selection of the right Domain Name is important

I would suggest that you go for an exact match domain name; this will create a unique identity for your website. You could get it if your niche is unique or someone has put it for sale as they don’t use the domain now. Having said that, it’s difficult to get the exact match domain as all are taken. Few things to look up while buying a domain name.

  • If you can’t get exactly match domain name then go for a unique and catchy name. For example “”, it is a sort of directory which tells about restaurants, cafes and bars around your location. This one can be easily memorized, using trendy and unique names you can easily build upon a brand.
  • Add few words around the niche, for example it will be hard to buy a domain name “Movie” but adding words like “all about movie” will increase your chances to get the domain name.

Basics about the URL Structure

If you want to be searched by the search engine crawlers then keep these URL tips in mind.

  • URLs should not contain extraneous characters ( $ @ ! * % = ? )
  • Shorter URLS typically rank better than longer ones
  • Numbers and letters should only be used in URLs.
  • Do not use underscores. 
  • Sub-domains can rank better than sub directories.

Maintaining The Site Structure

Many SEOs talk about the importance of maintaining a site structure they say “the way you link pages together will make an enormous impact on your rankings”. Grab on some awesome tips that will help you maintain a healthy structure of your website.

  • Inter-Links within your content tend to carry more weight than links within a sidebar or footer.
  • Try to keep the number of links on each page under 100.
  • To build links within the content do not try to overdo it, there should be relevancy of the content which are linked together otherwise it will be just a spider web with no sense at all.

Effective use of the Images in your post.

One should be able to effectively use the images in their blog posts, It has been discussed earlier that the bots are not so advanced that they could identify the images. So remember few things when using images with your content.

  • For search engine bots to properly index images, alt tags are important to be added to all the images.
  • For example you are using an image of bigben then the name of the image should be bidben.jpg rather than simple image.jpg. Now the bots could read the image and easily use it for indexing.
  • Example:

<img src=”http://jobswithoutdegrees/images/bigben.jpg” alt=“bigben.jpg” />

  • It will also create sense with the content as well as with the search crawler.

Quick Beginners Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Last But Not The Least, About “Backlinks”

The more backlinks that points back to your site, the more popular it will be. The crawlers will provide a higher ranking to your WebPages. Savor some tips on how to create backlinks.

  • If you want to stay for longer haul in the blogging business then plan your backlinks with creativity and under white hat. The more trust worthy and non-spammy sites are linking to you, the more authority you will have on the niche.
  • Increase your link count through social media and web2.0.
  • Links from the related sites are better than non-relevant sites.
  • Join forums relevant to your niche, this will help you build your network for links.
  • Connect to other competitors in your niche by e-mailing them to create link in their websites.


When you will start working on your blog site and with further experience yourself, learning search engine optimization will become more clearer to you. I still feel that there is so much more to share about Search Engine Optimization. It is an ocean that could not be wrapped in an article. But I have to stop at some point. Google and Youtube is all stuffed with so many useful resources. Here I would like to suggest few things, if you begin with the a WordPress site it will be lot easier for you to start off and you can really grab the basics of on page and off page SEO.  There are also short time courses available on digital marketing which can give an apt boost for career advancement. A certificate course could land a 20k job in India easily. I personally see advertisements for job vacancies related to digital marketing experts who can do search engine optimization using On page & Off page SEO techniques, social media like facebook, twitter pinterest etc. My personal experience is, if you have just a little bit of common sense you can learn search engine optimization just like that. Its no rocket science, I am running this blog and applying all the optimization techniques I am learning on the go and also writing article about it.

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India. I would like to dedicate this post to people who don’t own a college degree and are desperate to manifest a solution for their dilemma which is to say that how to become financially independent without the need to invest too much money. For those of you the good news is here,  you become a blogger as you don’t need to own a college degree to start blogging neither you need a bank loan, that is why blogging in India is becoming a passionate profession and by far many aspirants are now interested in blogging. The best thing about blogging is that you have freedom to be your own boss while you also create money at the same time. You could choose to work from any place and any time, even you could choose blogging as a part time career. The catch is to choose the right niche for your website, this way you get to earn a lot of money. Isn’t it awesome, but before quitting your job first learn skills about blogging, as earning from a blog site will take some time. And once you have a website running & earning for you, only then go full time. Here we are giving you step by step process on how to become a blogger in India. The process of earning starts with monetizing your blogs, either you have a blog that is directly monetized as you are selling goods or services on commission basis and your website is directly affiliated from companies like Amazon etc. or you earn through display of private advertisements displayed at your website, with each click on the advertisement you get paid a small amount. But first thing first, that is to get started, here you go with the step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India.

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India

Step1: Start by learning

It is not totally crucial that you should be a computer wizard with great mind to start blogging but if you have a modest common sense you could learn. Same is the ability to learn and evolve will take you a long way in blogging. Search engines are oceans of information, so if you need to learn something, and then go check it out on the search engines you will find a million piece of information on one topic. Below I am giving out few simple tips to start of your learning process and kick start your journey. Looking for answers is the first step.

  • You don’t have to be precisely a great writer but you need to have writing skills.
  • You should have a spark to learn new skills.
  • Develop Search engine optimization skills.
  • Develop Social Marketing Skill.
  • Develop content editing skills.
  • Learn about Web analytics.

Step2: Choosing a topic or a Niche for your blog site

Choose a topic for a website that you are good at, that really goes well with your previous profession or a hobby that you are good at, this will give you an advantage and in the long run you will develop a good authority website. For example you are good at plumbing or gardening or you have good knowledge about Smartphone or apps, start first blog site that you already possess knowledge about. Another way of topic selection is niche selection where you target on specific area and readership like you must have seen websites on self-help, growth & improvements, relationships, health tips etc. This again will help you in creating content for your website. After the selection of the subject it’s time to choose a domain name. Another way to choose a niche is to use tools like moz, long tail pro and etc. but for such tools you have to pay price and learn the tool as well its better you start with your instinctual thinking and then use these tools at a later stage of your career.

Step 3: Choose an appropriate domain name

Although it is very difficult to get the exact match for your topic but still you could try. Think of your topic and work around a domain name by adding a few words before and after. You could also try online website name creators that create exciting and interesting domain names. Be wise and patient new bloggers try to either be too precise or they go totally off the topic while choosing the domain name. My suggestion would be to be balanced in your thinking while choosing a domain name. I would like to suggest you that short and attractive name always work.

Step 4: Writing content and regular posting.

Be as unique as possible, create your own style of writing, content is your voice that connects you and user. Your own writing style will develop authenticity for your website. Copy paste write-ups are not a good idea for your content. Another thing about developing content is to update on a regular basis, one post per 2 days is what I suggest for the new bloggers. Regularity and search engine optimization goes hand in hand. Make a schedule post if you are busy.  Content is everything and which will make you stand out in the long run.

Step 5: Quality management

Initially you will not be in a position to hire professional content writers but if you are doing it on your own then you should keep a tab on the quality of the content. You want to develop readership, right. Write in easy language and elaborate your content so that your readers have all the information that they are looking for. The only thing that will put you among the top bloggers will be your content. Be authentic and don’t lose your style. Use screen shots, tables, videos and graphics in your posts to explain your topic, readers will just love it.

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India

Step6: Showcasing your content

There are various platforms like Facebook, twitter, Google plus and Web 2.0. Promote your websites through these media. There a huge chunk of visitors that could be attracted via social media. With social media you could reach out many more people.

Step 7: Evolve with SEO

Search Engine Optimization plays an important role to make your site worthy for earning money. Primary role of SEO is to make your website easy for the users and search robots to understand. In simple words develop your site that is easily detected and understood by search robots.   Make SEO as strong as possible with experience and working yourself you will learn a lot about SEO programming, both On-page and Off-page is important which will make your portal to standout.

(Learn SEO)

Step8: The process of monitization

To earn from your website you have to apply for Google Adsense or any other Adsense company. For registering with Google Adsense I would suggest that you should wait for a while, first have altelast 20000 words content and significant visitors on your site, it will increase your chance that you get the Google Adsense registration. After verification from the Google side you will get an adense account. Use the code in your site to display adds on your post. Also read Google Adsense policy online. It takes somewhere around 6 months to a year, when your site will start to earn a decent amount.

Step by step guide on how to become a blogger in India

Step 9: Useful tools to use

Further on your journey you will require understanding the demographics, behaviors and interest of your website visitors to improve your online marketing. You could do this by using Google Analytics and Google Webmasters, these are free tools, and they get you all the information with analysis. There are other premium tools available in the market but initially it’s best to start with the Google.

Blogging is such an interesting field in itself that you will never get bored doing it, there will always be new challenges to overcome, new tactics to learn and new blogs to be launched. Hope you enjoyed the post and all the information on how to become a blogger in India.

8 Personality development Tips.

8 Personality development Tips.

There is this deep desire in all of us to become one of the best versions of ourselves. We all like to be liked by the people around us. We see some people with so charming persona that we instantly get attracted to them and in our mind we want to be like that person, “attractive”. Now the question arises, what some people have and some people don’t and how bizarre it may sound the answer is nobody has anything and nobody lacks anything. The way you express yourself is your personality. Personality is all about expressing yourself through your attitude, feelings, emotions and your response to life situations. However having said that, if you think you need to improve on your personality than you have to work on your expression, you don’t have to add or delete anything in yourself. You are already your best version when you are genuine and authentic. As this post is dealing with the personality development I would like to give you few pointers that would be of assistance in improving your expression and hence your personality. I tried to put in as simple language and words possible for the best understating and clarity, hope the writing is worth the purpose.

8 Personality development Tips.

There is this deep desire in all of us to become one of the best versions of ourselves. We all like to be liked by the people around us. We see some people with so charming persona that we instantly get attracted to them and in our mind we want to be like that person, “attractive”. Now the question arises, what some people have and some people don’t and how bizarre it may sound the answer is nobody has anything and nobody lacks anything. The way you express yourself is your personality. Personality is all about expressing yourself through your attitude, feelings, emotions and your response to life situations. However having said that, if you think you need to improve on your personality than you have to work on your expression, you don’t have to add or delete anything in yourself. You are already your best version when you are genuine and authentic. As this post is dealing with the personality development I would like to give you few pointers that would be of assistance in improving your expression and hence your personality. I tried to put in as simple language and words possible for the best understating and clarity, hope the writing is worth the purpose.

8 Personality development Tips.

  • Love and Respect: It’s not about others, it’s about you. Even if someone is disrespectful to you, you don’t have to match up to their standard. Respectfully we can take our stand or step aside. It means that we respect ourselves above anything else. Giving love and respect to others certainly makes ourselves feel good. The universe we live in work as a mirror, what we are or what we give is always reflected back to us. So being loving and respectful is in our best interest.
  • Confidence: There is no person in this world who is all confident in all life situations. Sometime or the other we feel fear facing something but that should not stop us facing things. Being confident is not absence of fear but instead acting in the presence of fear. Once you practice confidence in your life affairs soon you will realize that your resistance to life is soothing out and confidence becomes your second nature.
  • Awareness: Awareness is just the “knowing” about the thoughts, feelings, actions and surroundings. The deeper you grow in your awareness the deeper you will know about yourself. Awareness helps you to meet yourself 100%. Awareness will shed light on your likes & dislikes, your behavior, strengths and weakness. And once you know yourself than you will instantly know about things you would like to improve on. Sometimes a simple change in a thought may change your whole perspective on how you look at things. But that could only be done if you are aware of your thoughts and perspective. To begin with awareness simply watch your thoughts just for 5 minutes a day. That will set you going.

8 Personality development Tips.

  • Be authentic: This life we are living is given to us live to our best authentic self than to become someone else that we are truly not. Nobody likes a fake person and that will also not help you in the long run. So be as authentic as possible. Being authentic does not mean that we don’t learn from others, we learn from others as well because there is a value to others experience of something. But learning is very different from blindly imitating someone else. Being authentic means coming from a real place within. We be should be true to our values and beliefs and so should be our actions.
  • Be yourself: Each individual is unique in himself and that’s the beauty of being an individual. Being ourselves is the most powerful act in this world as it gives you the confidence to act from a place of character. When we are truly being ourselves we are inspired by our instincts and we do not give in to outside pressure. There is a real sense of inner freedom and joy in being ourselves. You must have noticed that people who are carefree are happier as they don’t give much importance to what other people say or think about them.
  • Accept yourself: It’s not about how many people likes you but on the contrary it’s about whether you like yourself or not. The more you accept yourself the more people will accept you and that’s the paradox you have to align your life with. If deep down inside you don’t like yourself than you can’t expect that someone else will like you. Accept yourself, your life and your circumstances the way it is. Because when you accept things the way it is then you are free from its influence.

8 Personality development Tips.

  • Live with spirit: There is only one life we are given to live and how boring it would be to just endure through the life. It is true that life comes with responsibilities with regard to relationships, work, friends and family. But a weary and tired spirit will even make this journey harder. The spark of spirit is all that required to bring curiosity to a boring job, kindle a tough day, love people who are difficult to deal with, turn diner into feast, friends into families and events into joyful memories. It is the spark of the spirit that shines within us that makes us so special as human beings on our journey in this lifetime.
  • Matter of Attitude: One thing that is surely in our control is our attitude. Our body, finances, circumstances and even our DNA does not control our attitude. We solely control it and what our attitude is defines how we deal with our life. A negative attitude will not give you a positive life. In any given time and life circumstance we can take up an attitude that projects positivity and solutions over to surrender and submissiveness. Nothing could beat a positive attitude, even overwhelming circumstances have to take bow if you live with a positive attitude.

Even with our goodness and flaws we are all special human beings and only in this light we should all see each other, nothing more & nothing less. Use this post as a guiding signpost in your journey to becoming “Your true self”.

5 Tips to face a job interview

We all feel scared and nervous while facing a job interview weather it is our first time or second or third. But a little preparedness will boost your confidence and enthusiasm. The first thing you need learn is that a job interview is not the end of the world so just relax, prepare and be confident.

Here are 5 tips that will help you face the job interview with confidence.

  • Before hand preparation: First learn about the company’s, products, mission, vision, work culture, what they really do as much as possible. Learn in advance regarding the roles and responsibility of the position that you are applying for. Now frame possible questions around the interview and prepare relevant answers. This preparation will boost your confidence and you will not be flabbergasted while facing the questions asked by them. Also practice on how you could prove to be an asset to the company if recruited.
  • Preparing your CV: Just before applying for any job tweak your CV to the requirement of the position that you applying for. Show casing your previous experience to the applied job suitability will give you an edge during the interview. For the first timers go through your CV and be prepared to answer to the details mentioned in your CV.
  • Overcome your fears: Just remember that a job interview is not the end of the world as the world is full of opportunities. So just relax and calm yourself during the interview. Also in order to hide the nervousness and fear do not try to overdo. Make eye contact during the interview this will present you as a confident person. Just keep in mind that courage is not absence of fear but acting when you are feeling the fear.
  • Be yourself: Just be yourself, be the most authentic person as possible and do not try to be anything that you are not. As nobody likes a fake person, being a real person will definitely get you the respect in the interview. Give respect to the interviewers but do not be a people pleaser.
  • Be on time: You should never be late for your job interview and instead just reach much earlier. Reaching earlier will give you the time to relax and gain your momentum. Also if you have to register or complete any formality reaching earlier will save your soul. Waiting before your turn for the interview will give you space to talk to other participants. This will change your focus and you will feel relaxed.

Last but not the least, the best tip to face an interview would be to give your best shot possible and say to yourself that you are going to make it. The selection of a candidate in a job interview depends upon many factors so just enjoy the whole process.