Start a fish aquarium business in India

Start a fish aquarium business in India

Let’s get you started

Introduction: There is still a lot of potential in fish aquarium business as there are still many households that do not own a fish aquarium.  We insist that you should do a little research at your end itself in your area and find out the relevant need of the business. What you have to do is to ask friends and relatives in your circle or just visit their homes and check out if whether they have fish aquariums in their homes, you will be surprised that there is a only a feeble chance that you will be able to find only a few one of them or there may be none. There are lot of myths around installing a fish aquarium at home like they come expensive, its cumbersome to maintain the aquarium to do the cleaning, aquariums take a lot of space, fish food is not available in their area  and the list goes on. It is because nobody is enough educated on having a fish aquarium at home or their work place is not at all cumbersome.  Perhaps, there are lots of benefits related to fish keeping a fish aquarium from the health and fengshui point of view.

Start a fish aquarium business in India

That is where  our conviction should lie that there is still a lot of potential in the business and only if one is ready to give best services at an affordable price than surely many more people will be interested in buying the aquariums. One could find many shops and providers who sell and make beautiful fish aquarium in every city but are still not able to reach out as many households and offices in their area this is because their pricing for aquariums are very high and they are also not able to demystify the myths around the fish aquarium.

If you have enough wisdom then this your chance to initiate a startup  with the vision to gave a beautiful fish aquarium to every household and office at your place. By and large your business after selling a single fish aquarium will not be over; certainly from time to time people will need services like replenishing the need for fish food, cleaning or repairing the tank, buying new beautiful and exciting fishes, decorating the tank with new line of oceanic stones and pebbles, getting a new toy oxygen infusing machine and also caring for the sick fish.

After sales service, is also a great way to retain the happy customers and keeping the fish business alive. In the article we will also discuss the health benefits and what all fengshui has to say about keeping a fish aquarium at home.

Also further, we will discuss in the article about the business plan and investment in the business.

Start a fish aquarium business in India

Health and fengshui or vastu benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home or office.

Many studies have now clearly proven that watching fish movements in an aquarium relieves and soothes stress. The beautiful rhythm and graceful movements that which the fish creates while swimming soothes our eyes and our inner system and thus when stress is relieved many problems like blood pressure, headache, Alzheimer, anxiety etc are themselves gets better. You also must have experienced yourself that whenever you have got a chance to watch those beautiful, colorful, full with life fish in the aquarium tank and gazed constantly their swimming techniques, how they carelessly play in the tank water, have also made you forgotten all your worries for that very moment and if the same thing is kept in your home for 24 hours then you can do that in anytime of the day, there is a whole lot of therapeutic effects of keeping a fish tank at home.

Besides health benefits there are other fengshui or vastu benefits also for keeping a fish tank at home or even at your office. According to vastu and fengshui keeping a fish aquarium in your home or office will bring great luck in accordance to wealth, money and abundance. Many big business houses already know it and that is why they have placed fish aquariums and huge tanks in their business offices. Now all these information we are giving out is for the purpose of your knowledge and how you could grow your customers in the times to come.

Although there are many hobbyist, those who already have interest in nurturing fishes at home, so you will easily find customers for your services and starting a business with a small crowd would not be a big deal. Getting new ones will be your challenge and that is the void you will fill if you plan to grow your business and have greater vision. Now the question arises that what should be the business model, from our point of view you should start with a small shop and then also go online, through the shop you could locally reach out to people and with online website you could reach enthusiast outside your city, online business will also help you make more sales and good profits.

How to get started (business plan and investment)

First thing first is to learn about the in and out of the ornamental fish business, accessories associated, costing of fresh water and salt water fish, how to create different fish aquariums etc. Apparently there are no particular place where you could learn, the best way is to go for online tutorial video on youtube and websites which will be really helpful for you. Other way round is to  work in a fish aquarium shop and learn from there, we guess starting to learn from the youtube videos and online medium is the best way initially, rest you can learn through on the go in your own business.

Another word of advice would be that initially keep staff that already have some prior experience, this way you will get help and you can also learn the trade secrets at the same time. Working closely with the vastu shastri and interior decorator will help you grow your business and bring you more opportunities. To maintain the shop, staffing, and procuring the accessories and equipment initial investment is utmost from 2 lakh rupees to 5 lakh rupees. Under this cost you could have enough variety of fishes, aquarium decoration items, salaries to pay to the staff and maintain the essential inventory.

Start a fish aquarium business in India

How to give momentum to your business by applying these marketing strategies.

Initially you don’t need to invest much in the marketing, your marketing strategy should be plain and simple, provide the fish aquarium in the most affordable price, win the customer and their word of mouth should market you in the business. As we have discussed earlier leave your business card with home interior decorators, architects, vastu pundits etc. this will help you have referral customers from these points also.

We also strongly suggest that from the start you should make your online presence so that when your business will achieve a good momentum then you will not have to struggle for Google’s attention, search results should show your website among top three search results. Now days, for any entrepreneur, it is of so much importance that your business should have online presence. Initiate tie ups with websites like Amazon India and Alibaba for your more online customers. Thrive to provide best affordable service in the business and you will reach mammoth business goal within no time.

Start a fish aquarium business in India

Other strategy for marketing would be, using  the social mediums like Facebook and Twitter to show your line of fish varieties, aquarium models with price comparison, articles on fish aquariums, articles on fish tanks and fengshui, articles on fish aquariums and health benefits, accessories available at your store, tips on cleaning & maintaining the fish aquarium and how to care for a sick fish, all these efforts and social teasers will bring about name and will give you strong place in the market.


Crowdfunding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

Crowdfunding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

Crowdfunding could be your chance to launch your project and give it a life of its own, and if you are about to campaign for raising funds through crowdfunding then here are few suggestions that you can surely use for a successful fund raising campaign. We see a lot of neck to neck competition even in the sphere of crowdfunding where there are so many platforms in and millions of people to reach out to for funds,  it seems confusing and a gruesome task at first glance. Interestingly, this article will help you understand that by taking care of few things you can easily raise funds.

Here are few pointers to crowd funding for a successful fund raising campaign.

  1. Choosing a project or the idea

Your very first step to a successful fund raising campaign is to choose a project or a idea wisely, it’s not really easy to let people fund, donate or invest in projects just like that, it needs to be appealing to them. Even if your campaign is for something like asking for donations for a marriage function then you really need to be compelling enough that it hits the funders at the right place, your conviction in choosing a project for fund raising should be strong starting from you. If you have strong belief that the cause or the project deserves funding then it will get the funding and will attract right people to back the project. Your project should have clear goals and outcomes; a confusing project will repel donors and will also drop your chance.

Crowd funding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

  1. Choosing the right platform (mediator organization)

This step is really crucial as there are many platforms in play out there and it’s very confusing for an individual to choose from thousands of crowdfunding platforms. The best and easiest way to choose a platform should be according to your project, for example if your project is to get donations to fund for medical bills then we guess PactGuru is the right platform for you. Reward based platforms like Kickstater are good for creative projects, but Kickstarter works on all or nothing basis, which means if you are not able to reach 100% of your campaign funding goal then you don’t get anything from the backers who pledged you funds. Now it must have been clear to you that why it is so important to choose the right platform. This will save you from unnecessary task. Same ways like Kickstater there are platforms that are best used if you are looking for investors rather than donors to be precise and you are ready to share the equity of your company among the investors. For equity based fund raising Crowdfunder is the best available option. We would also like to discuss that each platform works on it unique basis so please do go through the platforms policy before you choose it. Few platforms work on “all or nothing” policy while others may charge you with a percentage of commission likewise the banks, others may have an annual or a registration charge initially. I guess now it is crystal clear as to why choosing a right platform is important at the first place.


  1. Presenting your case project

If your presentation for the project is not right then you aren’t getting nowhere in your fund raising campaign journey, it’s not about what your story is instead it’s all about how well you tell your story. There will so many others who may have same creative inclination in the project that only the way you will present your case project will help you stand out and convince backers to pledge for funds. Been authentic but yet convincing at the same time will help your project draw attention of the backers. There are no fixed rules to follow but you can always checkout the platform you’re using as to how others have put up their case. An attractive project proposal will certainly be helpful along with a short video of what’s your project is all about will help give the campaign the right pitch.

Crowd funding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

  1. Choose to offer incentive

Now it may sound counter intuitive as to why choose to offer incentive to backers for pledging you funds. It is not at all compulsory that you offer incentive to your backers but if you do so will certainly add on to the numbers of people supporting you. The people who believe in you might not even need incentive in the first place but it’s a great gesture that you are also pledging something back to them as a token of respect and thanks, people always welcome such gestures with a warm heart. Now the question is how you can offer incentive to your backers, just to mention few ways, if possible you can always offer the service to your backers from your project, a T-shirt or a hat saying thanks to the backers. If possible you can also ask your funders to visit your place personally and you can offer vote of thanks in front of the project staff, appreciating your donors gesture through media is also great way to offer incentive to your backers. These are just a few ways; you could always come up with new and creative ideas.

  1. Planning outreach

There is an old saying that goes by if you fail to plan then you plan to fail, this stands true still today. A successful fundraising campaign will never be complete without a good plan for an outreach. Raising money through crowdfunding is all number game; the more number of people you reach will increase your percentage of people interested in backing your project. What you have to do is sit for a while and chalk down your outreach plan. Plan to reach people through other social media platforms like Emails campaign, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and blogs etc. Looking at the data the conversion rate of people into donors out of the total people you reach out is very low so the more number people you reach is better. These people you are reaching out should be able to come to your campaign page so design your outreach plan accordingly.

Crowd funding tips for a successful fund raising campaign

  1. Use the power of conviction

There is a lot of power in conviction and when you do things with conviction then certainly the results are far better than what is expected. First of all your belief in your project will ensure that other too believe in the project. Second and the most important thing after conviction are touching the mind (logic) and heart (emotion) part of the funders. How this project could change the life of others and If you are able to touch both, then no one will stop them to fund your project. May be your dream project is creative one or maybe not. If the other party is convinced then they are convinced they will fund you in-spite of the relation of the project with creativity. For an example there are people who have seen trauma in their homes due long term illness and had borne loss of loved ones, their logical mind is convinced that illness are not good and emotionally it is too traumatizing so such people are more interested in donating for payment of medical bills like cancer and other terminal illness.

  1. Updating the campaign page and keeping in touch

Once we launched our campaign page then it becomes our duty to constantly update about recent progress in the campaign this makes us appear that we are sincere in our project and that funders are investing in sincere and honest people. Much crucial is also keep in touch with our supporters they come first as they are the ones that is supporting our project, we are accountable to them in a moral way, do keep them updated through social media and emails.

On a closing note, more or less we have compiled our best suggestions for crowdfunding tips for a successful fund raising campaign. Hope this will certainly help you out in raising finds for your cause, project, and creative ordeal or just help you raise fund for your marriage.



Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

There were times when only a class of people had the privilege to own or run a business, but now there is so much hype around entrepreneurship that percentage of people interested in starting their own business has increased. The question to start a startup is questionable in itself, because nobody knows the destiny of a startup, looking around, it seems that everybody wants to start a startup business as many of you wants to get out of the rat race, have financial freedom, retire earlier and enjoy life to the fullest. Although there are many good ideas if put into reality will definitely turn into great business but nobody can tell for sure if the business will run for sure or not. Entrepreneurship is not just about doing business or just about initiating a startup; it is about showing true strength over weakness to endure the success and failures, sacrificing pleasures, doing things without knowing the results, believing in integrity, commitment to continue no matter what the results are. That’s what entrepreneurship is and will be.

Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

How to know: There is no sure way of knowing what’s in store for future but if you really believe in your idea then you should really take a balanced risk. Now the question arises is what is a balanced risk, I would say a balanced risk is where the stakes are not too high and if by any chance the business doesn’t do well then your family and assets are not at risk. I myself pondered upon this question and my personal experience is if you are in a job then slowly built your startup business parallel with your job with time and growing business you will gain confidence that now your business can bear the weight of your living and other expenses. Only then will be its time to full-time switch to the business this way you can endure the hard times of bearing expenses of both your family and your business. I would really suggest that never put at risk the future of your family, as they came first and the startup secondary. Have you ever seen a trapeze artist performing, and then you must have seen that how the artist is takes the well calculated risk to switch from one trapeze to another one.

The risk factors: The risk factors associated with a startup is way to high that is why job has its own charm, sticking to a 9 to 5 boring job at-least gives you a monthly pay check and will provide security to your family. I may sound negative by giving job and its pay check more value against the bliss of owning and running a startup but I would say I am been objective than rather been unrealistically optimistic. Here comes the value for research and analysis. Weighting the pros and cons of starting a business, doing the risk analysis. You don’t have to be a scientist to conduct the research, check the market around your idea, product or service. See what would be the best and minimum startup cost you have to invest, do financial planning for at least minimum of 3 years in advance. Surviving the incubation period for any startup is crucial and that’s when the guts are tested and not after that. Incubation period will help you design and re-design your startup as you will evolve as an entrepreneur yourself. Savings from the job will help in this crucial time period.

Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

What about job commitments: If you already have job commitments and still you want to pursue the path of entrepreneurship than be assured that it will take most of the things from your life which you may have enjoyed earlier like family time for socializing. As a startup owner your   most of the time will be consumed by the startup itself, you will also have to invest on your health, may be exercising and taking care of yourself. Health is very important to entrepreneurs, committing to brutal hours, managing day to day stress while keeping the enthusiasm high.  Entrepreneurship individually is a lonely road where one has to make many sacrifices related to personal preferences. Even if you have made many sacrifices you will never be sure if you will get the desired results or not. Continuing a job with the responsibility of the startup will make things difficult. If you will succeed you will enjoy the fruits and if not then you know what can happen.

Entrepreneurial journey for everybody

Personal thoughts on entrepreneurial journey: When I thought of writing this article I wanted to make sure that I shouldn’t sound pessimistic or negative but reality is reality we should accept things as they are and not as we want to see them. There are more failure stories than success ones. If it was that easy than everybody would have done it and might had created success in it. On a closing note, if you really think that you are passionate enough about your idea for the startup and really want to embark on this journey to become an entrepreneur then stay true to yourself, first plan, research, decide and then fully commit.

Build your career in Architecture

Build your career in Architecture

Introduction: This article will help you build career in Architecture sphere as buildings are not just mere structures but are each one is a piece of art symbolizing the civilization on this planet earth. While the end product of Architecture is a structure of building but to be able to construct a structure the process of designing, planning resolving problems and constructing structures. Geographically each area is rooted in its culture and diversity which reflects in its construction buildings, some monuments of these structures are so massive and beautiful that they even cannot be replicated. Just to give you all an example, Taj Mahal is among one of the most beautiful architectural structures in the world located in India. Likeness to art, construction and building structures many students wants to build career in Architecture.

What will you study: The study of discipline of Architecture is available through undergraduate and postgraduate programs in colleges. The program duration in most of the colleges especially for architecture is for 5 years as it is a discipline in humanities and sciences, the first three years is to study the theoretical part of the Architecture along with some laboratory work where you learn the science part of the course. The last two years is doing the internship in an Architectural firm along with creating a thesis work and submitting a dissertation in the end before a degree is awarded to the student. For a stable and a long term career the student must contemplate a post graduate degree from the same college after which you could easily establish yourself as an Architect with repute. Aspirants must also qualify entrance exam which is very popular in India that is the NATA entrance exam, qualifying marks will decide your entrance in Architecture institute.

Build your career in Architecture

Eligibility criteria: Well, for admission in undergraduate degree program, students must have a 10+2 certificate from a recognized board with at-least 50% marks in all subjects which also vary from institute to institute. Aspirants must also have score card of NATA entrance qualifying exam which is conducted by the council of Architecture in India.

Build your career in Architecture

Future scope: The study of discipline of Architecture has not opened up new vistas for the gratification of buildings with an admiration of their purpose. The discipline is an ancient art which evolved over a period of time and since the birth of humans upon this planet the discipline is reaching new heights every day. Upon new rise and change in technology the increase in demand of professional and creative architects are always there in the sector of architecture. Materializing one’s dream to become an architect is surely be manifested through the study program of Architecture discipline where budding aspirants will learn about history of architectural buildings, their planning, designing and construction. Arising from the fundamental need of human for a dwelling place. Architecture has involved our millennia into an artistic highly sophisticated practice, combining a multitude of skills and technologies. Evolving and the change in man’s need has increased the demand of architects in the world, as the population of the world is growing the ever increasing pressure will be there to chase the need for construction new dwelling place for families, places needs to be constructed where they could go for entertainment, development of school and colleges, hospitals, transport facilities stations etc are all growing need of humans and will not stop till the time humans are on this planet so will be the need of professionals to satisfy the need. Architecture is a career in humanities and sciences. Starting with the career one must get the 5 years bachelors degree from a recognized university where you will hone the skills of conceptualizing designs of buildings, landscapes, urban configurations and feeding the need of the hour of emerging economic technical and social needs of desires.

A Bachelor degree in Architecture will provide you with range of employment opportunities including work as Architecture, Urban designer, Architecture Drafts person, Architectural educator, work closely with the governments as policy adviser and building planner. Henceforth to make a stable career in the field of Architecture one must also complete the masters’ degree in Architecture which will make sure that you stand a good position in the arena of Architecture business.

Salary and remuneration:  According to a website research shows that the median pay for a licensed architect in India is somewhere around 365000 per year with an average growth of 7% from today till 2024. Many architects also work as consultants with their own architecture startup. Ambitious and highly professional architects have their own designer firms. Well and if you plan to work aboard then definitely salaries and remunerations are much higher as compared to India. Middle Eastern countries are most likely countries to hire Architects as there are many ambitious construction projects going on.

Why is NATA important for Architecture studies: To get admission in a good Architecture college one should require to qualify NATA exam conducted by the council of Architecture India, it might happen that, many of you aspirants the word NATA is new, NATA stands for National aptitude test in Architecture. The test is conducted by the Council of Architecture India, the intention for the test is to measure the aptitude of the student related to the field of Architecture which is aesthetic sensitivity and critical thinking ability, drawing and observation skills and sense of proportion etc. The result and marks obtained will help the student to get admission in a good architecture college. Prepare according to the guidelines of NATA to do well.

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Build your career in Architecture

Conclusion: The comprehensive study and majoring in Architecture will certainly provide you with an abundant combination of experiences, dreams and motivation. The discipline of Architecture is more like a combination of science and art that is why it is difficult to put it in words, perhaps there is also a tremendous change in growth and technology concerning the construction technology.  Construction is one of the single largest sector of investment in the economy and which is why there is an increased demand in the sector with also increasing trends to recognize the Architecture as one of the top most disciplines of intellect. In a variety of settings,

Architects are called upon to execute, plan and design building projects they also lay their hands in resolving other issues related to construction environment, difficulties faced due to natural causes in a sociological setting. Having discussed all these points the career path to becoming an Architect is a long journey but once you have cleared all the challenges and proved that technically and creatively you are apt for the field then who might know that one day you create a piece of beautiful architecture and the world will thank you for the work of art.

Scholarship for Engineering Students of General Category in India 2021 Guide

Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category

Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India: The government of India and many other Indian Organisations offers various Scholarships for Engineering Students who are desired to become a future engineer. The main objective of providing scholarship is to provide financial assistance to meritorious students from poor families to meet a part of their day-to-day expenses while pursuing higher studies. Every year there are various scholarships which are being offered to encourage outstanding students to continue their academic excellence.

Top Ten Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category Background

Below you can read Top 10 Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category.

1- M Scholarship From Magma Fincorp: Magma Fincorp is accepting an application for its M-Scholarship offered to meritorious students from financially poor families who discontinued their higher studies due to financial problems.

The motto of Magma Fincorp is “Investing in smallest dreams” and demonstrating the same in real life. They are offering a scholarship to 50 meritorious students from India which also called M-scholar Program. M-Scholarship is being offered since 2015 every year.The scholarship is renewable every year on confirmation of grades in the annual exam.

Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicants must be from India.
  • Age of applicants must be maximum 20 years as on 15 August.
  • You must have secured a minimum of 80% marks in 12th from recognized board i.e state boards or CBSE, KV, ISC.
  • You family monthly household income should be less than INR 10,000

For further updates on Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India keep visiting our blog on regular basis.

How to apply for M-Scholarship Program?

If you are desired to apply for this scholarship you are requested to mail the details at or if you know any of the students who qualifies for this scholarship you can write directly at the same email address mentioned above.

PM’S SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME (PMSS) 2021: Every year applications are accepted for PM’S Scholarship scheme for which applications are being accepted through online mode. This scheme was launched in 2006-07 to motivate higher technical and professional education for dependent wards of Ex-Servicemen/Ex-Coast Guard personnel and their widows (below officer rank only).

Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India Eligibility Criteria:

  • You are eligible to apply If you have scored minimum 60% of marks or above in 10+2/ Diploma o Graduation.
  • If you are studying in 2nd and subsequent years you are not eligible to apply.
  • If you are Widows of Ex-Servicemen, Ex-Coast Guard personnel or Dependent wards who died in harness, coast guard service, irrespective of the rank and disabled due to causes attributable to military service.

Scholarship Amount offered:

  • For boys scholarship Amount is RS. 2000
  • For Girls scholarship Amount is 2250

Scholarship amount is paid initially on selection and subsequently
on successful completion of Board/ University/College/Institute Examinations each year without failure.

All the eligible candidates are required to open their bank account in State bank of India or Punjab National Bank which should be linked up with student’s Aadhaar number.

2- Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Scheme 2021-22: Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation is accepting applications for its Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Scheme offered to deserving applicants. The scholarship is being granted to those students who need financial assistance to continue Technical Courses for Graduation, Professional and Post-Graduation courses.

Deadline to apply scholarship is 30 September 2021

List of courses for which scholarship is being offered:

  • Graduate Degree in any discipline of Engineering
  • Graduate Degree in Medicine in Allopathic and/or Ayurvedic and/or Homeopathic.
  • Architecture
  • Chartered Accountancy after securing a minimum of 90% marks in class XII and qualifying CPT conducted by Institutions of Chartered Accountants of India
  • CFA after securing a minimum of 90% marks in Class XII and qualifying Foundation Test
  • LLB after securing a minimum of 90% marks in Class XII and passing Entrance Test for LLB or after qualifying Degree Exams

Eligibility criteria for Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India:

  • You must be regular student of any recognized Institution/College under Central/State Government
  • Your family yearly income must not exceed more than 3.50 lacs.
  • You have to produce your family monthly latest payslips and I.T.R of all earnings of all family members which will be issued by SDM.


  • Applicants are required to appear for an interview before Education Committee if required.
  • You have to show all the original documents on which you can claim scholarship
  • You can download the application form from authority website.
  • You have been offered admission in any of the Institutions/Colleges recognised by the Govt. of India, through a written competitive examination.

3- The IndusInd Foundation Scholarship 2021-22: The IndusInd Foundation – a non-profit charitable organisation which aims to offer financial assistance and grants through many schemes for the development of community and public benefits.

The IndusInd Foundation majorly focuses on the areas like:

  • Scholarships, Advancement of education and promotion of scientific research
  • Relief and rehabilitation of widows and other women without support, orphans, the
  • aged and the poor
  • Medical aidScholarship for Engineering Students General Category Indi
  • NGOs
  • Other charitable and public causes
  • Foundation also supports community panchayats, associations

Soon notification for Merit-Cum-Means scholarship 2018-19 will be announced to get admissions in degree level programs.

You can apply for any of Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India mentioned in this article.

Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India Eligibility Criteria:

  • If you are desired to apply for this scholarship you have to pass 12th standard exams not less than 85% marks from recognized board.
  • You must have secured admissions to one of the regular degree course like Engineering, science, Arts, Commerce, Medical, Computer and Management in recognized college affiliated to approved University of India.
  • You have to justify your Family Financial position to get benefits from this scholarship

Scholarship Amount offered monthly RS. 1000 which is a minimum amount, actual scholarship amount will be decided by the foundation by watching each case.

4- S.N. Bose Scholars Program 2021-22: If you are desired to become future innovators and leaders you have the opportunity to apply for S.N. Bose Scholars Program. This program is being supported and funded by the Science & Engineering Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, the Indo-U.S. Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and WINStep Forward.

This program aims to evolve bold and transformative students through an exchange program between India and U.s. Also, you will be having the opportunity to experience world-class research facilities in leading U.S. institutions. This program is being offered to build long-term Research and development linkages between both the Nations.

Application Deadline: October 2021 (Tentative)

Scholarship covers:

  • Air-fare
  • Stipend
  • Health Insurence

Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be an Indian citizen, pursuing Bachelors or Masters’ degree from recognized University or college.
  • This scholarship is offered students of Engineering Sciences, Earth Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Mathematical and Computational Sciences and Physical Sciences

How to apply for S.N. Bose Scholars Program?

  • You have to submit your application through Online Application Portal for Visitation Programs. Hard copies or electronic copies of Application form will not be accepted.
  • You have to upload all your supporting documents which should be in scanned format.
  • The application form will be submitted only in English, all the details you enter must be true as per your knowledge before submitting your form.

5- Khorana Program for Scholars: B.Tech, M.Tech and B.Sc./M.Sc. students who are currently enrolled in any of the recognized  University or colleges in India are invited to submit applications for Khorana program for scholars. This program is being supported and funded by The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt. of India, Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) and WINStep Forward. This is the exchange program between both the countries, the students from India will continue their research at University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW).

If you are desired to get admission into this research program you will be having many opportunities to get exposure in your research. Also, this program encourages you to undertake R&D. You will be able to transform your research for the benefits of a social cause.

You can fill your application tentatively in the month of November 2021.

Scholarship covers:

  • Health Insurance
  • Stipend
  • Airfare

Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India Eligibility Criteria:

  • you must be Indian National.
  • You must be a current student pursuing B.Tech, M.Tech, and B.Sc./M.Sc in recognized University or college of India in the subject areas Biotechnology and allied areas.

6-Charpak – Exchange Program 2021: Students from any stream are invited to submit applications for Charpak – Exchange Program which will be carried for 1-4 months. This program is being supported by Embassy of France in India.

Charpak – Exchange Program is bein divided into two parts i.e:

1- Charpak AME Scholarship (Allocation Mensuelle d’Entretien): This scholarship offers:

  • Medical insurance up to 300 euros/academic year(approx)
  • Student visa fee waiver (16,500 INR approx)
  • Assistance to find affordable student accommodation
  • Living allowance 615 euros

2- ) Charpak BCS Scholarship: This scholarship offers:

  • Student visa fee waiver (16,500 INR approx)
  • Medical insurance up to (approx 300 euros / academic year)
  • Assistance to find affordable student accommodation

Deadline: 31 April 2021

Result announcement: 16 May 2021

Eligibility Criteria for Charpak – Exchange Program:

  • You must be Indian National and reside in India
  • You must not be more than 30 years of age during the time of application
  • You must be enrolled in any of the recognized institutes of higher education in India. That institution has a tie-up with the french Institution where the applicant will pursue this exchange session semester.
  • Please note that your application will be selected on the basis of your academic excellence

How to apply for Charpak – Exchange Program?

  • First of all, you have to visit official website of authority and click on Apply Online
    Button, a window of application form will appear on your screen, you have to fill that
    application form very carefully.
  • you have to explain that why you chose the French institution to which you have applied or have been admitted, as well as your future plans upon completion of the course. Also,
    Explain why you would be a worthy candidate for the scholarship.
  • please note that whatever statement of purpose you give is original to upload.
  • You have to upload scanned documents like admission/acceptance letter from the French higher education institution, mark sheets of Higher Secondary School (XII), Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (including those of completed semesters of the ongoing degree).
  • If you have french language certificate you can submit that also.
  • You have to submit scanned copy of the first page of your passport (with photo and expiry date).

7- The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program: You can also be called this program Global UGRAD Program for an undergraduate student. International applicants from around the globe are invited to apply for this program.United Staes Department of State offers all the funding for this program.

Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students from UGRAD participating country, currently residing in that country can apply for this program.
  • You must be minimum 18 years of age.
  • You are required to be enrolled in a recognised undergraduate for which one semester is remaining.
  • If you are desired to apply for this program, then you must have completed your secondary education in your home country
  • Good command over written and spoken English is required
  • You must be eligible to receive and maintain the US student exchange visa (J-1)
  • You are required to be physically fit
  • You must be committed to returning your home country after completion of the program.

8-Aditya Birla Scholarship Programme 2021 22: The Aditya Birla Group is seeking applications for its Aditya Birla Scholarship Program.The mission of this program is to find new innovative ideas from a new generation. This scholarship offers an opportunity to learn their program through networking.

Scholarship covers:

This scholarship covers fees as well as hostel fees for the IITs / BITS stream and some part of the tuition fee.The scholarship amount is:

IIMs / XLRI Rs. 1,75,000 per annum
IIT / BITS (Pilani): Rs 65,000 per annum
LAW Rs. 1,80,000 per annum or fees at actuals, whichever is lower

Eligibility Criteria:
If you are from these institutes you can apply for this program:

  • IITs (B.Tech) – Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Roorkee, Guwahati
  • IIMs – Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode, Shillong
  • XLRI – Jamshedpur

9- FAEA BHEL Scholarship 2022 21: Foundation for Academic Excellence & Access (FAEA) is seeking applications for its scholarship program offered to socially and economically disadvantaged students. The major objective of this programme is to emphasise on the quality of education provided to them. Also, FAEA focuses on covering all the fields which improve equity and excellence in higher education.

Scholarship offers:

  • The grant covers all the logistical arrangement related to travel and insurance.
  • FAEA will decide the final amounts which will be based on the discretion of the Program and may cover the full or partial cost of the proposed study plans.

Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be the citizen and permanent resident of India.
  • You must have passed Class XII examination from a recognised Indian Board
  • Your final selection will be based on student securing certain minimum scores in Class XII examinations and interview results
  • You should complete language proficiency requirements of the host institution.
  • You will be selected on the basis of your academic excellence, social and economic background.

Procedure to apply for FAEA Scholarship Program:

  • Your application will be reviewed and evaluated first by a regional panel comprising scholars and practitioners from academia, NGOs and another discipline.
  • If you got shortlisted then you will be invited for regional interviews across India in the metropolitan city closest to student’s domicile.
    If applications forms are received after the due date will not be accepted.
  • Before you submit your application read all the instructions carefully.

10-Siemens Scholarship Program: Smile Foundation, Growth Centre (I) Pvt. Ltd and Siemens India jointly invites applications for Siemens Scholarship Program. This program aims to empower and develop engineering education amongst deserving students. If you desire to apply for Siemens Scholarship Program you have the opportunity to pursue their education and launch a sustainable career in engineering, R&D or manufacturing.

Siemens Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in 2021-22

  • Tuition Fees
  • Allowances for stationeries, books and other miscellaneous expenses
  • Holistic development through training, internship and mentoring at Siemens
  • Exposure and understanding of the Industry

Eligibility criteria for Scholarship for Engineering Students General Category in India

  • You must be the first-year student Government Engineering Colleges from India pursuing Engineering in:
  1. Computers/Information Technology
  2. Electronics & Telecommunication
  3. Electronics / Instrumentation
  4. Mechanical / Production
  5. Electrical
  • Your age must be up to 20 years
  • Your annual family Income must not exceed more than 2 lacks
  • you must have achieved minimum marks of up to 60%
  • you must have achieved Minimum 50% aggregate and Minimum 60% PCM aggregate in Higher senior secondary

You can also find some other Scholarships for Engineering Students General Category below:

The IET India Scholarship Award 2021 22: The institution of Engineering and technology is inviting applications from desired students who want to become future engineers and technicians. IET wants to influence students with new technologies and innovation to meet the needs of the society. You will be selected on the basis of your academic performance, extracurricular activities, the range of outreach activities and your ability to come up with engineering solutions to solve problems impacting society.

OP Jindal Engineering and Management Scholarship (OPJEMS): O. P. Jindal Group companies is keen to offer scholarships in the field of engineering and Mangement to promote academic and leadership excellence. This scholarship is being awarded to deserving students who have the potential to create new inventions. The scholarship is offered to students belonging to the study areas like Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering. You will be having the opportunity to get scholarship award of up to INR 80, 000 for each Engineering Students and INR 1, 50, 000 for each Management Students.

NEST Scholarship: Nationwide Education and scholarship Test is being organised at Junior I and Junior II level. This program is being organised and conducted by The student’s Unity foundation of India and Shrimanji’s Events Management Center. Scholarship offered to students of Engineering, Medical and Science courses is worth Rs 30,000 to 1,00,000 which will be based upon merit list in an online test. Every year test is being conducted tentatively in the month of January.

Anita Borg Scholarship Program: Women around the globe are invited to submit their application for Anita Borg Scholarship Programme presently you can call it Women Techmakers Scholars Program. This program aims to create gender equality across the globe in the field of Computer Engineering. This program offers a chance to women to lead the world and become role models for the community. You can apply for this program by May 1, 2021.

North South Foundation (NSF) Scholarship Program: Every year scholarship worth Rs 6000 to 18000 is being announced tentatively in the month of October. This scholarship is being awarded to those students who wants to continue engineering, medicine or 3-year polytechnic (diploma in engineering.). The scholarship is offered to financially diverse students and on the basis of Merit.

For further information, you can visit our blog on regular basis.

MBA in USA for Indian Students |Top 10 Colleges of USA in 2021

MBA in USA for Indian Students: Top 10 Colleges of USA: Once there was a time planning and thinking to study Masters of Business administration (MBA) in US was biggest miles stone for Indians students. But as time changes there is a huge demand of Indian students with MBA in every part of the word. Studying MBA from the US is the best opportunity for every Indian student as this increases the chances to get a senior management position in a prominent and reputed company. MBA in USA for Indian students without GMAT is not possible.

Check below the list of Top 10 colleges for MBA in the USA for Indian Students

1- Harvard Business School: Getting admission in Harvard Business School, USA is a dream for any student. HBS deals with the excellence in teaching, learning and research to develop leadership qualities in students and this makes a huge difference. Students from around the globe are welcomed in HBS.

Every year admissions are conducted to pursue MBA program in HBS in three round tentatively in the months of January, April and September.

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students:

  • Students applying for HBS must hold College or University degree which should be equivalent to a four-year American baccalaureate degree.
  • During the application, you must mention formal names of the institutions and the title of any diploma or degree earned by you.
  • Before uploading any transcripts please check they must be translated into English.
  • HBS only accepts 3 language test for English which will be internet based only i.e: TOEFL iBT, IELTS or PTE

2- THE WHARTON SCHOOL (University of Pennsylvania): THE WHARTON SCHOOL is the world’s first business school at University of Pennsylvania which aims to produce best business leaders around the world. The school is always engaged in offering best business knowledge with practical and technical information. Pursuing MBA in USA for Indian Students is the best opportunity to achieve their goals.

If you are eligible to apply for MBA program, it has three deadlines around the year i.e you can fill your application tentatively in the month of January, March and September. International students are suggested to apply in Round I and II. MBA in USA for Indian students without work experience is acceptable in some Universities of USA.

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students:

  • You must hold your bachelor’s or equivalent degree from recognised University. Also, you must be ready before applying with all your transcripts beginning with your high school.
  • You have to upload your scanned transcripts. Once you got admission you have to submit official transcripts of all previous academic work.
  • You have to submit your results of Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or a Graduate Record Examination (GRE) that must not be more than ve years old.
  • All International students who are non-English speaker are required to take TOEFL or PTE test. Please note if you have completed your bachelor’s from an institution at which English is the first language of command, then maybe you need not take TOEFL or PTE.
  • You have to submit your one-page resume mentioning your leadership skills, job skills and potential growth.

Keep reading further updates in MBA in USA for Indian Students: Top 10 Colleges of USA

3- KELLOGG SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AT NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY: The Kellogg School of Management invites applicants who want to become strong leaders with a vision to create powerful organisation. This school offers the opportunity to enhance your leadership quality in the Global marketplace. If you are desired to apply for MBA program you can apply for One-Year MBA Program or Two-Year MBA Program as per you desired.

One-Year MBA Program at Kellogg is the fastest way to complete your management studies.This one year course will cover your fundamentals of business and improve your leadership and decision making qualities. This program starts in June and remains June of next year.

You can submit your application in three rounds in the month of Jan, April and September of every year.

Two-Year Full-Time MBA Program at Kellogg is the leading program for all applicants who are desired to begin their career in the management field. You will be having the opportunity to explore yourself this will grow your leadership quality.

Benefits of doing two-year MBA in USA for Indian students:

  • You will get placements in top rated MNCs
  • You will be benefitted with global impact i.e you can participate in various international activities.
  • You can explore your ideas and skills to develop your professional aspiration.
  • Your fundamentals will be cleared to bring together insights from multiple disciplines

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students:

  • You must have the bachelor’s or Equivalent degree from recognised University or College.
  • You have to show your scholastic ability, personal character, motivation, leadership ability, interpersonal skills, career performance and management potential.

4- Columbia Business School: Columbia University, NY offers you the golden opportunity to enhance your career in the field of Business. Getting admission in MBA within the New York city will definitely help you to grow your career which will be very beneficial for your future.

Pursuing MBA in Columbia business school will always help you to overcome challenges and encourage you to learn new things. It’s not only in the classroom you can explore your ideas anywhere. The school will try its best to get you specialised in your related field.

Once you have completed your MBA from Columbia University you need not think about the job, you will be having many offers in private, public, or nonprofit sectors Or you can become an entrepreneur with a long term start up.

You can enrol yourself in August or January. Admissions are offered twice in a year. Below you can check MBA Application Requirement and Eligibility Criteria

  • You have completed your Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from any of the recognised institution or University. You have to produce your transcripts for each degree and submit a scanned transcript in PDF format.
  • You are eligible to apply if you have got valid marks in GMAT or GRE.
  • If your first language is not English you have to take one of the test i.e TOEFL, PTE or IELTS. But remember one thing if you have passed your bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree from an institution in which all instruction is conducted in English then there is no need to take these test.
  • You have to submit three essays on:
  1. What will your Cluster mates be pleasantly surprised to learn about you? (100-250 words)
  2. What are your career goals going forward, and how will the Columbia MBA help you achieve them? (100-750 words)
  3. How will you take advantage of being “at the very centre of business”? (100-500 words)

Application Fee:

You have to submit non-refundable application fee i.e US$250. You can pay this fee via credit card (Visa or MasterCard only) within the online application system.

Interview session at Columbia Business School: Be prepared for an interview which will be taken by one the alumni of Columbia University, it will be conducted only through invitation and you can’t request for your interview.

5- The University of Chicago is one of Topmost Universities around the globe aims to offer best International higher Studies to the students from around the world. If you are searching for best career opportunities, don’t miss the opportunity to get admission in the University of Chicago.

University of Chicago Booth School of Business is always engaged in focusing upon students career development and helps to enhance the professional skills of an individual. Read in detail for MBA in USA for Indian Students: Top 10 Colleges of USA

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is divided into four parts i.e

Full-Time MBA: Full-time MBA is the most flexible full-time program for domestic and International students.This program aims to emphasise implementing creative ideas. Full-time MBA programs provide flexible syllabus and innovative learning skills.

Application Deadline: for full-time MBA application is being accepted in three rounds around the year i.e September, January and April.

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students and required documents for submission:

  • If you are International students than you are required to hold a University and college degree which should be equivalent to four-year American baccalaureate degree.
  • You also have to submit official academic records or provide a scanned transcript.
  • If your native language or first language is not English, then you are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), IELTS or PTE.

Evening MBA: Chicago Booth School of Business is the MBA program offered to Chicago area professional who is engaged in their jobs for a full-time. This program offers flexibility and advance knowledge to the students. Features of the program are:

  • This program offers you more emphasis on research areas
  • Practical knowledge is being offered to the students through the methods like experiments, debate and practicals.

Weekend MBA: Those students who don’t have time to study full time to study full-time MBA program, University offers them flexible formats for their studies. These students have to attend their MBA classes on weekends on Friday and Saturday. This program helps you to refine your career develops your good relationships with your employer

If you want to pursue MBA you will have the opportunity to create more opportunities for you. This programme includes:

  • Lifelong alumni career Service Access
  • Online job postings
  • Access to coaches
  • a variety of events and programming
  • Saturday hours for career service

Executive MBA in Chicago, London, and Hong Kong: 

Executive MBA is the 21 months length program which covers almost 2-3 courses per quarter. You will have the chance to take your classes at each of the global campuses during the International session weeks.


  • In Chicago, the class will take place in Every other Friday and Saturday over 21 months.
  • In London and Hong Kong classes will take place for 16 weeks for 21 months, Monday morning to Saturday afternoon.
  • International sessions weeks will take place 3 in Chicago, 1 in Hong Kong and 1 in London.

6- DUKE The FUQUA SCHOOL of BUSINESS: The FUQUA SCHOOL of BUSINESS is the leading business schools in the world which aim to provide top class research activities to the students. The MBA program offered by DUKE aims to collaborate with MBA students to explore global opportunities.

DUKE The FUQUA SCHOOL of BUSINESS MBA program is being divided into four parts. You can Check below the table for the detailed information about all the MBA programs:

Program Name and Details for MBA in USA for Indian students: Format Student Profile and Age

Daytime MBA

A top ranked,  traditional,  MBA program.

  • Start date: July 2017
  • 22 months
  • Delivered in Durham
  • Cohort-based
  • General management curriculum plus 14 concentrations, 2 certificate options & 5 joint degree options

Average age


Average exp

5 years

Cross Continent MBA

International program for working and dedicated professionals from around the world who are keen and ready to take the next step in their careers.

  • Start date: July 2017
  • 17 months
  • Combining residencies & distance learning
  • Cohort-based
  • General management curriculum
  • 5 concentrations & 1 certificate option
  • 6 residencies around the globe
  • Ideal for working professionals

Average age


Average exp

7 years

Global Executive MBA

An international program tailored for senior executives who are a desire to complete the program from any part of the world without interruptions to their career.

  • Start date: August 2017
  • 16 months
  • Combining residencies & distance learning
  • Cohort-based
  • General management curriculum
  • 5 concentrations & 1 certificate option
  • Residency locations around the globe
  • Ideal for working professionals

Average age


Average exp

15 years

Weekend Executive MBA
A traditional weekend format ideal for mid- to senior-level working professionals.
  • Start date: May 2017
  • 19 months
  • Residencies in Durham & distance learning
  • Cohort-based
  • General management curriculum
  • 5 concentrations & 1 certificate option
  • Ideal for working professionals

Average age


Average exp

11 year

7- University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business:
This business school is ranked top among all the colleges and universities in the US. Ross school is always known for its leadership development, groundbreaking entrepreneurship, and a commitment to sustainability, social impact, and positive business.

This college offers the student a wide range of opportunities to explore their ideas. Michigan Ross helps you to expand your network by choosing best opportunity. The school is always engaged in offering best international education by using new techniques and tools. Don’t miss to check regular updates inMBA in USA for Indian Students: Top 10 Colleges of USA.

Below you can read all the types of MBA offered by  Ross School of Business to pursue 

  • Full-Time MBA: If you are doing full-time MBA from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business you must expand your thoughts and create positivity, think boundaryless, always be analytic and be in action. if you have this type the attitude you will inspire the community by making difference the world. This programme will be for 2 years having a motto i.e GO GLOBAL, LEAD THROUGH COMPLEXITY, PERSONALIZE YOUR EDUCATION.

Featured courses offered in full-time MBA:

  • Business Leadership in Changing Times
  • Big Data Management Tools
  • New Venture Creation
  • Integrated Product Development

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian Students and other requisites:

  • You must have earned your bachelor’s degree, your experience will be an additional requirement.
  • You must have cleared test for English i.e TOEFL or PTE.
  • You must have achieved good scores in The GMAT and GRE.
  • Executive MBA: Executive MBA is the highly preferred and demanded courses opted by students around the globe. There are lots of opportunities after completing Executive MBA programme from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Your new ideas are always welcomed in the University, you can explore your leadership development programme. This programme is being offered with the facility of world class faculty and flexible format.

Applications EMBA programme are accepted in four rounds around the year. Below you can read Eligibility Criteria required for this programme:

  • You have to take the test of English language to show your excellent command over English. The test will be PTE, TOEFL.
  • You Bachelors should be completed from recognised University.
  • The Michigan Ross Weekend MBA:

    This is the format specially designed for that professional who wants to continue their MBA programme without any restrictions. You will have the chance to take advantage of campus life as much as you want. The university offers you the chance to continue your studies with more flexibilities.

The classes are scheduled for every other weekend. The Michigan Ross will help you to gain the business skills and strategic frameworks. You will get the chance to participate in MBA international activities.

Application Deadlines: Dec. 4, 2017, and  January 22, 2018

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students:

  • You must hold the US bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, or the equivalent by the time of application.
  • Valid GMAT and GRE scored are also accepted.
  • You must have to upload your updated resume with all the information and professional experience only in one page.
  • If your native language is not English then you have to take a test of English Proficiency i.e TOEFL, PTE etc.
  • You have to submit a complete essay on:
  1. What are you most proud of outside of your professional life? How does it shape who you are today? (up to 400 words)
  2. What is your desired career path and why? (up to 250 words)

Application Fee: You have to submit Non-refundable Fee of $200

8-Johnson Cornell SC Johnson College of Business:

 College offers dynamic opportunities to the future leaders with new technology and tools. Students are more focused to get interacted with corporate leaders from around the world so that they learn how to face real challenges of global businesses.

College offer students to learn qualities like leadership skills and maintain strong teamwork. In the campus, students have right to share their good and new ideas it will demonstrate their positive attitude towards their studies and their future.

Students here will find world class opportunities which help them to support to build their future business career and more focus on specific career interest. SC Johnson college of Business offers top class classrooms which give students fresh environment and freedom to express their views which help them to grab opportunities of their career of interest.

There are many MNCs who are interested to higher students from this college like: Infosys, Intel, IBM Corporation, Google, Metlife, Microsoft Corporation, Moelis & Company, Moet Hennessy USA, Morgan Stanley, Nestlé USA, Nielsen Co, Northwestern Mutual Real Estate Investments, Pacific Gas & Electric, PepsiCo, Pfizer, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Procter & Gamble Company, Putnam Investments, PRTM Management Consultants, Reckitt Benckiser, Robert W. Baird & Co, IFC (World Bank Group), Rosetta, S.C. Johnson & Son, Samsung Electronics, Siemens Corporation, Sprint Corporation, Starbucks Corporation, SunTrust, TCS:Tata Consultancy Services, TE Connectivity, Unilever, Verizon Wireless, Wal-Mart Stores, Western & Southern, Financial Group, Whitewave, Yingli Green Energy Americas etc.

 MBA in SC Johnson college of Business is being divided into many parts such as:

1- Full-Time MBA: Two-Year MBA Program: By opting this program you have the opportunity develop your leadership skills. The more you explore the more opportunities you get. Admissions are conducted in four rounds i.e October, November, January and March.

You will have the chance to get the experience of:

  • World class faculty
  • coaching by best leading business practitioners
  • consulting focus
  • integrated cutting edge fieldwork and coursework.


  • Advanced business fundamentals
  • Data modelling and analysis course
  • Principled Leadership

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students:

  • Applicants who want to become entrepreneurs or thinking to start new venture are eligible to apply.
  • If you are career oriented and if you believe in digital technology, collaborate to produce the best solutions.
  • You have to submit application fee of up to $200 USD

Documents required:

  • Resume
  • Scorecard of GMAT or GRE
  • Whose native language is not English have to submit English language Exam scores
  • You have to submit all your transcripts for all post-secondary coursework and degrees
  • Two required Essays
  • 1 Letter of recommendation

One-Year MBA in Ithaca: If professionals want to take an advanced degree or professional certificate in short period of time you can go for One year MBA program. This program offers huge work experience and business skills. This programme comes under the full-time category.

You will get certified in:

  • Institute of Chartered Financial Accountants (U.K. and India version of CPA)
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Society of Actuaries
  • Project Management Institute (PMP)

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students and Required Documents:

  • You must hold one of the professional degrees like:
  1. Charted Financial Analyst (CFA)
  2. Society of Actuaries Project Management Institute (PMP)
  3. Certified Public Accountant
  4. Certified Public accountant
  5. Project Management Institute (PMP)
  6. Institute of Chartered Financial Accountants (U.K. and India version of CPA)
  • You have to submit your resume
  • All Transcripts should be ready.

MPS in Management Accounting Specialization: Eligible applicants from around the globe are requested to submit your application for one-year The Johnson MPS in Management – Accounting Specialization.

You will be getting placements most probably in accounting firms i.e:

  • KPMG
  • Deloitte
  • PwC
  • EY

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students for MPS in Management Accounting Specialization:

  • You must hold an undergraduate degree in any field.
  • Updated The GMAT and GRE scores are required for this program.
  • You must hold English language proficiency scores.

Dual-Degree Programs: Students from Cornell University have the opportunity to get MBA along with another Cornell degrees in a given timeframe. If want to achieve dual degree you should take full information of all the departments of your interest.

You can explore some dual degrees list below offered by Cornell University:

  • MBA/MHA (Health Administration)
  • MBA/MPS (Real Estate)
  • MBA/MD (Medicine)
  • MBA/MEng (Engineering)
  • MBA/MILR (Industrial and Labor Relations)
  • MBA/JD (Law)

Cornell Tech MBA: One year program which offers MBA study in engineering, law, and computer science to produce great ideas by using new technology and techniques. You will have the opportunity to create:

  • Unmatched Confidence and Credibility
  • Unmatched Experience
  • Unmatched Speed to Market

Topics covered under Cornell Tech MBA Program:

  • Startup Finance
  • Digital Marketing
  • Negotiations
  • Tech Strategy
  • Business Models
  • Data Science

You will be having opportunities to become:

  • Startup Founder
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students:

  • You must be having experience in digital with a background in science and engineering preferred.
  • You must have the qualities like prototyping, digital marketing, design, software development other related activities

Cornell-Tsinghua MBA/FMBA: 

Applicants who are holding experience of 2-5 years in Finance are invited to apply for The Cornell-Tsinghua MBA/FMBA programme offered by SC Johnson College of business. The Cornell-Tsinghua MBA/FMBA is Two years bilingual English and Chinese programme.


  • You must carry two MBA degrees from two prestigious universities.
  • Tsinghua PBCSF can be completed in Beijing at Tsinghua University.
  • You must have updated resume along with your application
  • You have to submit two to three references who must be familiar with your background.
  • You have to submit test scores of GRE and GMAT
  • You also have to submit transcripts for all the previously attended college or University.
  • If you are international applicant you should have achieved baccalaureate degree from recognised college or University which should be equivalents to four-year American baccalaureate degree.
  • You have to take English proficiency Test i.e IELTS and TOEFL.

Application Fee: You have to submit $200 application fee which will be non-refundable

Cornell-Tsinghua MBA/FMBA

This is the 2-year dual degree programme offered by Johnson at Cornell University and PBC School of Finance (PBCSF) at Tsinghua University. This programme is conducted in two languages i.e English and Chinese (Mandarin) for applicants around the globe.

The goal of this program is to produce world-class, international finance leaders. You will experience the teaching of both countries. After completing your MBA program you will be getting two degrees from reputed universities i.e Cornell University and Tsinghua University.

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students::

  • You must be having experience in Finance and other relevant industries for 2-5 years.
  • You must carry Bachelor and bachelor degree certificates and academic certificates.
  • TOEFL or IELTS transcripts are also required

Syllabus for Cornell-Tsinghua MBA/FMBA:

  • Elective Courses includes: Careers in Finance, Behavioral Finance, Financial Reform and Development, Cross-Cultural Communication, Entrepreneurial Finance, Internet Finance, RMB Exchange Rate Reform, Financial Regulation and Innovation, Monetary Policies and Macroeconomics, Global Sustainable Growth, Financing Deals in Global Capital Markets
  • Core Courses: Operation Management, Financial Market System, Critical and Strategic Thinking, Microeconomics, Marketing Management, Strategy, Organization Behavior, Financial Derivatives, Data Analytics and Modeling, Investment, Corporate Finance and Financial Accounting
  • Practicums and Thesis: FinTech Hackathon, Negotiation Practicum, Wall Street Trek and Graduation Thesis

Executive MBA: If you are desired to continue your job with your studies, Cornell offers you this opportunity to upgrade your skills and professional qualities. Executive offers are being divided into three parts i.e

a. Cornell Executive MBA Metro NY: This program is basically for those applicants who are working professionals and want to upgrade your skills. You are invited to pursue to MBA program on Saturdays and Sundays. You will get you MBA international degree in 22 Months. In the article MBA in USA for Indian Students: Top 10 Colleges of USA, there are huge opportunities for you.

b. Cornell Executive MBA Americas: This programme is a 17-month program offered in selected cities across North America. This programme covers subject areas like:

Global Economy, Global Strategy, Corporate Financial Policy, Corporate Governance, Cornell Management Simulation, Marketing Strategy, Operations, Management Accounting, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Negotiations, New Venture Management, Strategy, Valuation, Economics & Industry Analysis, Finance, Business Decision Models, Financial Accounting, Role of the General Manager, Managing & Leading Organizations and Leadership and High Performance Teams

Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership: If you are desired to become next generation of healthcare leaders and want to create innovation then you are advised to take admission into Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership programme.

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students:

  • You must have a minimum of seven years of progressive work experience.
  • You have to submit documents i.e
  1. Official transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate academic
  2. 2 letters of recommendation
  3. 3 required admissions essays
  4. Organisational chart (optional)
  5. Updated professional Resume

9-Yale School of Management: world’s One of the most efficient management school is Yale School of Management. Here students have the opportunity to maximise their academic and professional development.The goal of this programme is to provide a diversity of skills and backgrounds, by creating flexible team structures that let the right person step up and take a leadership role at the right moment. Yale School of Management works at four levels to expertise any student i.e

  • Individual: School is always ready to support the individual in a way to explore their skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Team: If you want to become part of the team you will learn how to tackle the problems within a team to benefit company or organisation.
  • Organisation: Being a part of any organisation is a broader concept. You will come to know to make the right decision.
  • Global & Society: You will have the opportunity to understand global challenges like financial stability, climate change, inequality requires thinking and action that crosses industries, sectors, and regions.

The goal of this school is to improve and enhance the world today and for future generations through excellent research, scholarship, education, preservation and practice.

MBA: This is the two-year program which aims to understand how market work and how to build a growing organisation. If one completes its MBA from YALE University he/she will be much more chances to grow their career.

Yale SOM is pleased to encourage people who are broadminded and applicants with diversity and more focusing on background and interest.

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students:

  • If you want to become the part of Yale school of management, you must have four-year bachelor’s degree from recognised University or college.
  • You must have the score cards of GMAT or GRE.
  • You must be prepared with all the required transcripts which will be needed to upload during online application
  • International applicants must be fluent in English
  • You must be having full-time work experience of three to four year.
  • Two professional recommendations, one from your most recent supervisor is required to submit
  • To get admissions in MBA at Yale you have to be prepared for the interview, the admission committee will send and an invitation for an interview.

You can apply through Online application method for the Full-time MBA Program. Applications are accepted in three rounds throughout year i.e January, April and September.

Application Fee: You have to pay Application fee of up to $225

Yale MBA curriculum covers: Orientation to Management, Organizational Perspectives, Global Study, Electives, Center for Customer Insights, International Center for Finance, Program on Entrepreneurship, Program on Social Enterprise, Program on Financial Stability, Center for Business and the Environment, China India Insights Program, Chief Executive Leadership Institute, Yale Center Beijing, China India Insights Program, Initiative on Leadership and Organization

MBA For Executives: MBA for executives program aims to build knowledge in the field of assets managements, Healthcare and sustainability. This program is also engaged to cover all business fundamentals. This programme is being designed to enhance your leadership skills which will help you to lead in your personal as well as professional life.

Yale’s MBA for Executive programme offers you to explore your career by earning a Yale School of Management MBA while working full-time. This programme gives you the opportunity to meet top leaders from outside Yale, including distinguished visiting scholars and lecturers.

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students and How to apply for this program?

  • You must have completed your bachelor’s degree from recognised institute or college which will be equivalent to U.S. bachelor’s degree.
  • You are required to submit all your post degree transcripts. If your institute does not provide an English translation of the transcript, please obtain a notarized English translation.
  • You have to submit the GMAT or GRE scores
  • You have to apply online for this program, before applying online you have to read all the instructions carefully.
  • You can apply in three rounds throughout year i.e February, April and November.
  • Two letters of recommendations are required to submit, also you have to submit employer approval form in your employing organisation who has the authority to grant you release time on required class days and to allow you sufficient flexibility to complete required coursework.
  • Updated resume is to upload which should be minimum of two pages.

Curriculum covers: Basics of Accounting, Basics of Economics, Introduction to Negotiation, Managing Groups and Teams, Modeling Managerial Decisions, Probability Modeling and Statistics, Competitor, Employee, Executive , Innovator, Investor, Operations Engine, Sourcing and Managing Funds, State and Society, The Global Macroeconomy, Business Ethics Meets Behavioral Economics, Competitive Strategy, Corporate Finance, Designing & Leading Organizations, Entrepreneurship & New Ventures, Financial Reporting, Independent Study, Managerial Controls, Marketing Strategy, Leadership Fundamentals and Advanced Leadership.

10KELLEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, Indiana University: Indiana University is worlds top most University which aims to provide knowledge and creativity. University is engaged to create, disseminate, preserve, and apply knowledge. It does so through its commitments to cutting-edge research, scholarship, arts, and creative activity for graduate, professional and undergraduate.

KELLEY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS offers you the opportunity to grow professional and make a change in society to become a future business leader.

Eligibility for MBA in USA for Indian students in Kelley School of Business:

  • You have to complete your bachelor’s degree which will be equivalent to U.S. bachelor’s degree. If you are applicants from India then you have to complete the Part 1 exams of a university master’s degree following a 3-year bachelor’s degree to be eligible for graduate consideration. If you are an applicant from India, “MBA in USA for Indian Students: Top 10 Colleges of USA”  may be the best and helpful article for you.
  • You have to submit financial support documentation to U.S embassy.
  • If you are international applicants you have to submit scores of English proficiency test i.e IELTS or TOEFL.

You can also apply for:

  • Kelley Direct Online MBA: Application fee for Online MBA is $75. Anyone from around the who has completed its bachelor’s degree is eligible to apply for the Online application program. To apply for this program:

You have to submit all your documents like GMAT or GRE score, English proficiency test details, Letters of Recommendation, Personal statement etc

  • Evening MBA Program: KELLEY invites all the eligible applicants to apply for its most popular course among all the professionals i.e Evening MBA Program. Classes are taken in Evening time from Monday to Thursday most probably between 6:00 pm to 8:45 pm.

Areas of study:
Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Finance, General Administration and Marketing


  • You have to submit your GMAT or GRE Scores.
  • If you are the non-English speaker you have to to take ESL test to proof your English proficiency.

For further information, keep visiting our blog

May Intake Courses in Canada 2021 for International Students

May Intake Courses in Canada 2018 for International students

May Intake Courses in Canada 2021: There are many courses in Canada which start in May. Many colleges like Durham College, St. Lawrence College and many others offers a wide range of courses for International applicants. These colleges use new technologies and professional knowledge to enhance students skills.

Below you can read May Intake Courses in Canada 2021 for the International students:

1- ADDICTIONS AND MENTAL HEALTH (GRADUATE CERTIFICATE): Durham college is inviting application for its graduate certificate program to meet mental health issues by using best clinical skills.

This program includes:

  • opportunity to explore skills which are required to practice in addiction and mental health.
  • college believe in providing practical knowledge on evidence-based models of psychotherapy.
  • understanding the needs of the population

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have degree in Psychology or social work or diploma in health or social service work or practical nursing
  • Required GPA of 2.5 or 65% average.
  • you must have completed three credits in post-secondary psychology courses

Career Options after completing ADDICTIONS AND MENTAL HEALTH

Youth worker, Withdrawal management counselor, Rehabilitation services case manager, Outreach services advisor, Co-ordinator/psycho geriatric case manager, Addictions counsellor/therapist, Addictions crisis worker, Outreach services advisor, Counselor/group facilitator and Mental health counsellor etc.

2- CRITICAL CARE NURSING – E-LEARNING: This is a graduate certificate program which offers interested nurses to work in a very critical situation of the patient. Also, they have to support the family of a patient who is facing this situation. You are offered to work in the Critical Care Unit (CCU) which offers you flexibility in learning your case study.

Eligibility Requirement:

  • you must have Proof of registration as a registered nurse (RN) with the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • If you are pursuing fourth year Bachelor of Science in Nursing you can also apply.

Please Note After completing this course you can become Critical Care Nurse in Step-down unit, Post-anesthetic care, Telemetry, Emergency care, Coronary care and Critical care etc.

3- GENERAL ARTS AND SCIENCE – GENERAL CERTIFICATE: If you have high career goals and determined in your studies, you can choose General certificate programme in Arts and Science. You have the advantage to develop and refine academic skills in subsequent academic studies.

You can visit this page on regular for daily updates about May Intake Courses in Canada 2018. As we can update more courses in near future.

Eligibility Requirement:

  • You must carry your Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Mature Student Status which means you must have an interest in attending college.
  • You must have Grade 12 English (C or U)

4- DENTAL ASSISTING (LEVELS I AND II)-  Applicants from around the globe are invited to show their interest in the field of Dental care. It may be a good profession for you if you take interest, proper knowledge, training and skills. This programme will be for one year supported by Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada. This program offers you to take experience in Clinical research, academic studies and current radiography techniques. After compleating this course you will have thew chance to get placement as Level I and II dental assistants as part of an oral health-care team.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must be a graduate to get admission in this course.
  • You should carry Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Mature Student Status
  • You had scored (minimum 60%) Grade 12 English (C or U)
  • You must have studied biology and chemistry in grade 11 or 12

Career opportunities after completing this course:

You can become Dental assistant or Clinical co-ordinator in Chronic care institutions, Correctional institutions, Armed forces, Dental supply companies, Hospital dental clinics, General dental practices, Public health units, Insurance industry, Teaching institutions and Speciality dental practices

[highlight]MBA in Australia for Indian Students Opportunity in 2021 for Top Ten Universities


5- LAW CLERK ADVANCED (FAST-TRACK): If you wants to make your career in law then LAW CLERK ADVANCED (FAST-TRACK) is the best opportunity for you. This program helps you to enhance the legal knowledge, gain experience in corporate, real estate, wills, estate law and more when enrolled in this fast- track program.

This program carries three semesters in which you will be having intense training, theory and practise of law. This program helps you to study specialised areas including intellectual property, municipal, land planning, securities law and advanced job search and networking.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You must have completed Paralegal program accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada (since 2008)

Career opportunities after completing this program are Patent assistant, Law clerk, Corporate law clerk, Family law clerk, Legal assistant and Litigation law, clerk

6- PERSONAL SUPPORT WORKER: If you want to become Personal support worker you have various opportunities once you enter in this field. This course prepares you to provide assistance to the disable people and elderly people. You have to perform activities like:

  • Household and family management
  • Nutrition
  • Assistance with medications
  • Mobility and ambulation
  • Personal care and hygiene
  • Palliative and restorative activities

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have Mature Student Status or Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Grade 11 or 12 biology or biology upgrade (C, M or U)
  • Grade 12 English (C or U)
  • Basic computer skills required

After completing this course you can become Personal support worker in areas like Hospitals, Home care agencies, Group homes, Community service agencies, Retirement homes and Long-term care facilities


If you have a college diploma or University degree in business, information technology, or technology studies you have the opportunity to proceed with course Project Management. Once you enter in this course you will learn skills, tools and techniques to manage projects of any industry.

After completing this course you have the opportunity to become Project scheduler, Project manager and Project co-ordinator etc in any company or industry.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have minimum three years of work experience.
  • You must have deep knowledge about Microsoft Office products, especially Excel (recommended)
  • You should carry Two or three-year college diploma or University degree in technology studies or business, information technology

8- Business: This is the two-year diploma course offered by St. Lawrence College to those students who want to become self-dependent by enhancing skills and experience in Marketing, Human Resources, and Accounting. Business Diploma will help you to lead your career in right direction.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You should carry Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with the majority of Grade 11 and 12 courses.
  • Your High school diploma or Mature applicants certificate is required

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9- Environmental Technician: St. Lawrence College accepts applications for The Environmental Technician program which aims to provide green economy in the fields of water and air quality, occupational health and safety, waste management, and environmental assessment.

After completing this course you have various career opportunities in every sector. You can work is areas like Conservation authorities, Testing laboratories, Research institutes, Industry and private companies, Government ministries, Water and wastewater treatment plants and Environmental consulting firms.

For daily updates keep reading May Intake Courses in Canada 2018 for International students.

Eligibility required:

  • you should be Grade 12 English at the C or U level
  • You should also have Grade 11 Math at the C, U or M level
    Grade 11 or 12 Biology or Chemistry at the C or U level is required
    If you are BSc graduate then you are also eligible to complete this program in one year.

10- Computer Networking and Technical Support: Today there is the high demand of Computer Networking and Technical Support in every field of life. This area covers all the areas like comput­ing, enterprise networks, administration and Internet management etc. This program becomes the good opportunity who interested in computers only. May Intake Courses in Canada 2018 opportunity for you.

You will receive training of about:

  • Operating system virtualization
  • Maintenance
  • Operating systems
  • Network installation
  • Diagnostics
  • Software installation
  • Applied Internet technology
  • Computer hardware
  • Website administration
  • User support

You have the chance to grow your career opportunities in the sectors like Education, Military, Hospitals, Corporations and Government etc.

11- Wind Turbine Technician: Students who have a keen interest in electrical and mechanical aspects are invited to submit an application for Wind Turbine Technician offered by St. Lawrence College. Side by side you will also learn fibreglass repair techniques as they are related to wind turbines. May Intake Courses in Canada 2018 opportunity for you.

BZEE, the German wind industry training institute will certify you after completion of this program. This certification will enhance your skills at international level.

After completing this course you have the opportunity to apply for The Wind Power Industry in any country. You will have the chance to get engaged in a green energy career, contributing in a significant way to improving our environment

12- Welding & Fabrication Technician: Day by day welding industry is becoming a boom in the market. To grow this market higher level graduates are required with having practical skills. This program covers two years to get complete knowledge about welding technology.

Eligibility Criteria for Welding & Fabrication Technician:

  • If you have post-secondary credits you are eligible for direct entry to an upper level of the program (semester or year) depending on transfer credits.
  • Grade 12 English at C or U level
  • Grade 11 Math at C, U or M level

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MBA in Australia for Indian Students Opportunity in 2018 for Top Ten Universities

MBA in Australia for Indian Students in coming year 2018: If you are planning to pursue MBA in Australia, here is the golden opportunity for you all. Take a look at Top 10 affordable MBA colleges in Australia. There are many career opportunities after completion of your MBA degree. Studying in these universities or colleges gives you international recognition. More focus of these Universities is to develop communication skills and leadership qualities of the desired students.

Studying MBA in Australia makes you specialised, the reason behind is you are given practical knowledge rather than theory. The quality of MBA program is better than those in US or UK.

Check below the list of Universities with their Eligibility criteria, Tuition Fee etc. You may explore these colleges, achieve your dream for better future.

1 Southern Cross University Sydney Campus: This University is desired to enhance graduates with leadership quality by high-quality learning experiences and skills. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the professional programme offered by Southern Cross University for both Domestic and International applicants.

Study Areas and Specialisation:

  • Tourism and Hospitality Management (GC)
  • Information and Knowledge Management (GC)
  • Managing and Leading People (GC, SYD, MEL)
  • Health Services Management (GC)
  • Accounting (GC, SYD, MEL)
  • Research (GC)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have completed your bachelor’s degree or equivalent from recognised University.
  • If you are international applicant you have to meet English language and academic entry requirement.

2 University of Sunshine Coast: USC offers many courses and opportunities to students. MBA is one of the major professional courses offered by the USC which provides knowledge and skills to operate global Marketing place. USC offers the latest technology with proper training to execute management program.

Keep visiting this page for further updates in “MBA in Australia for Indian Students”

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must carry an undergraduate degree from recognised institution.
  • you must have 2 yrs of full-time work experience
  • If you are an international applicant, refer to English Language requirement

3 James COOK University: JCU is one of the leading universities around the world offering unique study pattern to domestic as well as to International applicant. University is always committed to providing bright future to students and academics. JCU’s MBA programme gives the flexibility to study with modern sustainable business practice.

Major study Areas: Globalisation, technology and innovation, management practices, individual identity and career development, sustainability, corporate governance, risk and value creation, entrepreneurship and decision-making, the knowledge economy, leadership and change, and strategy

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You must have completed your undergraduate degree or equivalent from recognised University.
  • You must have cleared English Language Test

4 Central Queensland University: CQ University may be the good options for Applicants from India or from any country. This University prepares students to
modernised become and grows their leadership quality in the areas of research, learning and teaching, engagement, the student experience and social innovation.

Day to day their MBA program is modernised as per requirement. If you are completing your degree from this University you have the lots of chances to enhance your career options.

We will be updating this page for MBA in Australia for Indian Students in 2018 on regular basis.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You have completed your bachelor’s degree or equivalent from recognised University.
  • Required IELTS score is 6.5 with no individual band score of less than 6.0.
  • Your current updated CV is required
  • current contact details of two referees

5 Victoria University, Melbourne: VU is one of those Universities offering high-quality education without any discrimination. This University offers many courses which include apprenticeships, certificates, diplomas, degrees and postgraduate programs. And it’s been century marking 100 years delivering education in all forms and fields.

The goal of Victoria University is to provide flexible higher education with career-based knowledge and skills which help to support students to grow their professional life

Victoria Graduate School of Business (VGSB) covers complete guide of business and management discipline. This course covers areas like Innovation, Knowledge and Change Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, Finance and accounting.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Bachelors/honours degree certificate, Age proof certificate
  • You must provide Certificate of English language proficiency- overall score of 6.5 and no individual band score less than 6.
  • You have to submit your application only through Online Mode.

Other 5 Popular Universities in Australia offering MBA in Australia for Indian Students in affordable fee

SR.No Name of College/ University First Year Tuition Fee in AUS$ First Year Tuition Fee in INR Approx
1 Kaplan Business School        15,375.00     7,39,383.75
2 Holmes Institute        17,600.00     8,46,384.00
3 Charles Darwin University        20,560.00     9,88,730.40
4 Edith Cowan University        20,600.00   9,90,654.00
5 Federation University         21,400.00 10,29,126.00

[button color=”” size=”” type=”3d”] After Completing MBA in Australia for Indian Students: Various Career Opportunities Just some of them may as follow. after completing Masters of Business Administration:[/button]

  • After Completing your MBA you have the opportunity to become chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Project Manager, Account Executive, Chief information officer, General Manager, Human resources director, Marketing/communications director or Financial manager.
  • You can approach world’s best MNCs with desired management post.
  • You have the chance to work in a diverse range of roles in industry and public sector organisations.
  • The MBA will also lead you to become a successful entrepreneur if you want to create your own market and business is your ambition.

Major Sectors you can choose after completing MBA:

  • Information System Management
  • Banking & Finance
  • Management Consulting
  • Private Equity
  • Data analytics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investment Banking

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Central Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholarship Program CIA 2017-18

Well qualified applicants who can demonstrate their leadership quality have the opportunity to apply for Central Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholarship Program CIA 2017-18. The main objective of offering this scholarship is to provide coordination of national intelligence outside the U.S. This scholarship also offers functions and duties related to intelligence affecting the national security as the President or the Director of National Intelligence may direct.

The mission of CIA is US National security which has tobe achieve by serving best, maintaining integrity, giving their excellent with courage. Performing all the duties together which is also called teamwork.

The CIA has five different parts i.e:

  • The Directorate of Support
  • The Directorate of Operations
  • The Directorate of Analysis
  • The Directorate of Science & Technology
  • The Directorate of Digital Innovation

Advantages of Central Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholarship Program CIA 2017-18:

  • You will be getting full exposure to intelligence challenges while performing meaningful work that relates to your college major.
  • If you are pursuing Finance Major it could help you to analyse budgets for a worldwide operation.
  • If you are pursuing foreign language major it could help you in translating documents for US policymakers.
  • You will also be receiving Annual salary, Health insurance, Life insurance, Federal retirement plans, Paid time off, as well as sick and holiday leave, Reimbursement for transportation costs between school and Washington, DC, Daily allowance for meals and incidentals during summer tours and Tuition assistance up to $18,000 per calendar year for tuition, mandatory fees and books.

Deadline to apply forCentral Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholarship Program is 14 August 2017

Eligibility Criteria for Central Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholarship Program:

  • During the time of application of scholarship, you must be 18 years of age.
    You have to show your Financial need as by the gross annual household income ceiling up to $70,000 for a family of four or less, and $80,000 for a family of five or more.
  • US citizenship is required to apply.
  • you must score GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for high school and/or college
  • You have to be available to work at least two 90-day summer tours prior to graduation and willingness to work at CIA full time after graduation
  • You must have achieved academic excellence in core subjects related to your college major or desired major.
  • You should have job experience in your field of interest.
  • You must be proficient in any one foreign language.
  • You must have quality to demonstrate leadership
  • 1500 (old score scale) or 1000 SAT (new official score scale) or 21 ACT scores or higher (high school students)
  • CIA does not discriminate person belonging to any race, colour, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, or sexual orientation in hiring or in granting, denying, or revoking security clearances.

List of Languages offered for Foreign Language Incentive Program

Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Baluchi, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Burmese, Cambodian (Khmer), Cebuano, Chechen, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, Estonian, Ewe, Finnish, Flemish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Igbo (Ibo), Indonesian, Italian. Japanese, Javanese, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Kissi, Korean, Kurdish, Lao, Latvian (Lettish), Lingala, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Norwegian, Panjabi (Punjabi), Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Sindhi, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili (Kiswahili), Swedish, Tagalog, Tajik, Tamil, Tausug, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Tigrinya, Turkish, Turkmen, Uygur, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese Yoruba, Zulu

Documents required during your application process:

  • You have to submit your unofficial transcripts for all degrees.
  • 2 letters of recommendations are also required
  • Filled in Scholarship Program Application form
  • Make one cover sheet listing all the attached documents
  • You have to submit name and ages of all family members(dependents) and proof of gross annual income. Also yo have to submit one of the following document to prove that you meet the financial requirements of the program:
  1. Either a copy of your most current Federal Application for Financial Student Aid Form (FAFSA),
  2. Or a copy of the most recent W2(s) stating gross annual household income

Career Opportunities after completing Central Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholarship Program:

  • Science, Engineering and Technology Positions
  • Language Positions
  • Directorate of Operations (Clandestine Service) Positions
  • Business, IT & Security Positions
  • Analytic Positions
  • Student Opportunities

How to apply for Central Intelligence Agency Undergraduate Scholarship Program?

  • To apply for this scholarship you have to first fo all save this position that will be transferred to job cart. Minimum job positions you can save is up to four.
  • Please note that before closing browser you have click “Apply Now”, you will be taken to application account creation page. Please do not submit multiple applications, this will slow down your application process.
  • Before you apply read all the instructions carefully

Important Note: You must not be drug addiction or have not used illegal drugs within the last twelve months. You have to successfully complete thorough medical and psychological exam, a polygraph interview, and an extensive background investigation.

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UC Riverside Scholarship Notification 2017-18

Every year many scholarships are being offered by The University of California better known by the name UC Riverside Scholarship. Scholarships are being offered to pursue undergraduate studies in the fields of Engineering, Arts & Social Sciences, nature and agriculture sciences etc.

Below you can check the list of all the scholarships funded by many agencies. To apply for these scholarships you have to fill online Request for information form.

Frederick E. Gartzke Memorial Endowed Scholarship: This scholarship is being offered to a freshman who has:

  • High academic potential and merit with minimum GPA of 3.00
  • Major field of study environmental sciences or engineering
  • Economically or socially disadvantaged student or who needs financial support

Kurani Family Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is being given to those who wants to pursue Engineering with high academic performance and promise.This scholarship is merit based.

Scholarship Assistance- Community College Transfer Students (Engineering): This scholarship provides assistance to those students transferring from a community college to an engineering major within the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering. Students who want to grab this scholarship must demonstrate their leadership quality.

Keep reading this article for more UC Riverside Scholarship.

Won and Insook Yoo Endowed Scholarship Fund: This scholarship supports that student who are capable and need financial support to continue their studies in science or engineering.

Arthur L. Littleworth Endowed Scholarship Fund: Students are selected on the basis of strong scholastic, leadership records, character and financial need.

Chancellor’s Scholarship: This scholarship is being granted to those students who scored Minimum 3.25 GPA, capable of demonstrating leadership and who need Financial need.

Colladay Swaney Family Endowed Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is based on financial need of incoming freshmen.

Dr. Thomas Halsey’s Chancellor’s Scholarship: Students with high academic performance and promise will have the opportunity to get this scholarship.

Leanora Wong Scholarship Fund: This scholarship is granted to promote student retention, equal opportunity, safety, knowledge and skill development of the Center enhances the quality of life through advocacy, educational programs, counselling, enrichment activities, support groups and referrals.

Scott and Jennifer Alden, Father and Daughter Scholarship Fund: This scholarship fund is given to undergraduate students who are graduates of Riverside Poly High School, Riverside, California, who chose to attend the University of California, Riverside.

Alumni Association Scholarship Fund: Students who have done high school in California with 3.6 GPA are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Katrina B. Heinrich-Steinberg Re-Entry Scholarship Endowed Fund: This scholarship is for those students who are re-entry students not more than 25 years of age or pursuing a bachelor’s degree after an interruption in education. Fund donor will decide the preference to be given.

Lai Yung Huey Memorial Scholarship: Scholarship is given to those who scored 3.3 or above GPA) with high academic performance and promise.

Re-Entry Student Endowed Scholarship Fund: You must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • You must be 25 years of age continuing bachelor’s degree after an interruption in your studies of about two years.
  • You must have all the related documents, transcripts and letter of recommendation.
  • You must determine Financial need.

Marius DeBrabant Fund: Students who are desired to get scholarships in the fields of Fine  Arts.

John and Elizabeth Leonard Regent’s Scholarship in Science: Scholarship is being offered to applicants who shows their financial need and should be re-entry student. This fund will support students for four years.

William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Fund:  Students who are preparing to become mathematics teachers will be offered this scholarship. they can use this scholarship tuition, fees, supplies, room, and board.

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