Publicizing Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at MSH in France, 2014

The offered fellowship programs are offered to highly qualified young scientists for undertaking research project at French research institute and are awarded in the field of the humanities and social sciences. The German Academic Exchange Service awards in conjunction with the Foundation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (MSH) (literally, House of the Sciences of Man Foundation) are the provider of this grant. It is open to the nationals of Germany and is to be taken at France.


  • About the eligibility:-

The offer is the highest caliber German postdoctoral scientists and young researchers in the humanities and social sciences, which have very good knowledge of French. It is expected that the promotion has been completed with at least a very good result (magna cum laude) and the PhD examination should back are usually the time of application for no longer than four years. An application before the conclusion of the Promotion is not possible. Already habilitation and prospects who reside already 18 months or more in France, can not apply.

  • About the nationality:-

Applicants of Germany can submit an application.

  • About the awards:-
  1. Fellowships are the respective projects in accordance with the duration of up to 6 months, in exceptional cases up awarded to 10 months.

  1. Stipends: The monthly amount is:

1.365, – EUR for fellows to 30 years

1.416, – EUR for scholars from 31 years

1.467, – EUR for scholars from 35 years

1.518, – EUR for scholars from 39 years

In addition, a foreign award which is made depending on the location and the increase in monitoring by the family. Married scholarship holders receive a monthly allowance for the spouse of 205? EUR if this does not have a personal income of more than 410? EUR has the month. At the request can only be granted to educating fellows a child care allowance. In addition to these services, a post adjustment is calculated separately and a monthly fixed costs and Congress aid amounting to 102? EUR paid. For travel costs from home country to the host institute and back a lump sum is paid, the amount of which depends on the scholarship period. It is usually 175, – EUR.

  • About the applying procedure and the Deadline:-
  1. In addition to or different from the general application documents must be submitted:

-CV also in French with a scientific career, practical and professional experience (in tabular possible);

-Copy (uncertified) of the doctoral degree;

-List of publications and a summary of the thesis in German and French (no more than five pages);

-Contact evidence to the Institute / group to work in France, where the project is to be processed (letter of invitation), if applicable, proof of access to archives;

-Confidential report of a German and a French university professor or a high school teacher, possibly a statement of the supervisor of the thesis, if this is not identical with the German experts. The report should be sent by the referees directly to the DAAD by post, Unit 312.

-The proof of language proficiency in the form of language certificate is omitted in this program.

  1. The application deadline is 15 November 2013.

For detailed information about the application and the scholarships please visit the link

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